Gundam Ships

Here are some ships I picked up in an auction 3 years ago and they are some of the most detailed models I’ve seen. First one is White Base:

Second one is Ptolemaios:

Third is Musai Cruiser:

That whitebase is awesome. How big is it?

Hell yea. I love the Musai. I wanted to buy one of those but there hard to find now.

This one is not Gundam, but it was part of the lot so why not include it. Space Battleship Yamato:

It’s 1/400 Scale.

Ah same as the Musai right?

That space battleship is very nice. Did you build these? And can we see that Chars Dom?

Yeah, they all look to be the same scale.

NO, I wish I had that kind of skill. I bought these in an auction so someone else with a whole lot of talent built them and painted them. I was just the lucky one that was able to pick them up in one purchase!

Pictures of Dom are here:

WOW! That is some crazy detail on those things. They look massive. I think the only ones I’ve ever seen are 1/1200 scale kits that Bandai released.

Those are some well-done ships. My favorite among those three has to be the Potelemaios, followed up by the Musai Cruiser. Whoever did those put some love in the effort.

Can I ask how much you paid? Those are really well done kits and is probably worth quite a bit. The Yamato even have photo-etch detail parts. You got yourself a treasure cove.

I found a 1/400 Musai on amazon. Man if i was good at painting id buy it.

Go for it! Practice on some junk models or toys and paint one part at a time!

Its quite a bit of money but after about another month or two i should have enough to get it. I think if i can afford it ill get it.

That thing is more than my truck payment. Lol i doubt ill have the money anytime soon but i really want to get it.

Wow i’d like to build and paint one of these things. Im in the same boat as you zaku. NEED MORE MONEY!