Gundam Seed vs Gundam 00

So I had a couple ideas for crossover scenarios and for this one I was wondering: What would happen if Celestial Being from Gundam 00 invaded the world of Gundam Seed?

Basically the 00 Gundams would be doing what they did in their own show/universe and try to eliminate war and conflict through force, and with how much conflict happens in Gundam Seed/Gundam Seed Destiny, they would be pretty active. This would take place after Seed Destiny, though if anyone has a better time for it to happen feel free to mention it.

So how do you think the characters would react to each other, which Gundams would face off against each other, how would this affect the conflict between naturals and coordinators ,and would Setsuna be able to defeat Kira?

Please tell me how you think this scenario would play out, as well as your thoughts on both series and which is your favorite :slight_smile:

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I think a lot of it would depend on which era of 00 would it be? S1, S2? AotTB? I don’t see the Exia being able to the overpower the Strike Freedom. And I’m throwing the plot armor of Kira out the window here. Now the 00 Gundam and the QanT would be a better match. And I feel would even have the edge as Kira hasn’t really ever fought against something that could move at sub light speed like the 00 Gundams.

On top of that, the power of the GN drives means that they would have the advantage of never needing to refuel like most conventional suits in Seed. This doesn’t affect the Justice and Freedom, but other suits would suffer from this.


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Pilots in SEED, and all the other related series Astray, Astray (whatever, there was like a whole bunch), SEED Destiny, and etc, you get the idea, were better than the four Gundam pilots in Gundam 00, enhanced abilities or not.

The Gundams in Gundam 00 were better. Heck the GN shield were virtually invulnerable against traditional physical and/or beam weapon.

@thwalker13, sorry, you might be a bit wrong on the GN drive. If remembered correctly, and watching Gundam series in 2x or more speed do not really help, GN and pseudo GN drives do need to be refueled from time to time. The Celestial Being Gundams went back to the container(s), or hanger(s) whichever they used on Earth, or the ship, one with name still hard to pronounce after all these times, to recharge. The Gundams with pseudo GN drives went to somewhere else to recharge. Definitely could be wrong on these though, but did remembered that the Gundams did ran low on energy during the fights though…

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in terms of raw technology the 00 gundams are just straight more powerful in every way. So unless they got nerfed or the seed gundams got a major upgrade. Seed would lose badly. Now as far as the pilots. I think some of the seed pilots could beat some of the 00 pilots assuming they where using equally strong machines.

I want to note that in terms of overall skills both the seed and 00 universe pilots are not the ultimate all in one package. Basically none of them display the ability to be universally good pilots, strategists, spies, engineers, able to work alone, etc.

The seed pilots may be genetically engineered but they often have plot armor with ace machines and bank on their teams to function. The 00 pilots started losing once they lost the technological edge and they are exclusively pilots. They bank on their busty captain for all strategy. they have a team repairing and developing their gear. They rely on the ai super computer for each of their moves.

We never se the 00 pilots use anything but their specific gundams. Seed at least some of the pilots like athrun show they can use any mobile suit and still be of value in a fight.

So all things said and done. If the seed gundams got an upgrade and actual strategy was used then seed could win. but otherwise the fights one sided.

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Gn fields stop beams. I fields if i recall correctly absorb energy. The 00 gundam armor is highly resistant to ballistics. But Exia was equip with a physical blade on purpose. To cut through gn fields like butter as a trump card should the enemy get gn drives. Gn fields don’t stop physical damage only beam.

Gn drives at their base render a gundam invisible to radar and thermal detection. But unlike a nuclear reactor can’t be over clocked. Twin gn drives and the quantas special quantum drives are hard to synchronize and keep stable. So their production cost is high. But provide power that breaks the laws of physics and has stuff like quantum burst to literally dematerialize and rematerialize. Remember in the 00 movie setsuna literally quantum bursts across the galaxy instantly. it’s kinda like star trek teleporters.

Trans-am is a massive power boost but its a double edged sword. That I wish they had better shown in the shows. The sudo gn drives are worse then the gn drives or quantum drives used by the main cast.

The sudo drives have a limit supply of gn particles and once they run outa particles they need to go refuel or they will shutdown completely leaving the pilot defenseless. And it’s all power so if you are in space and the sudo gn drives runs outa particles you’ll either freeze to death or suffocate. The sudo drives particles also cause damage to life unlike the normal gn drives that are good for the ecosystem. The normal gn drives once trans am is over you still can function but in a debuffed state equal to the power boost until the particles replenish.

It’s normally 3 minutes of trans am time per gn drive. and 3 times the stat boost with 1 drive. Twin drives square the power up and last 3 minutes in the show. The flaw is that after trans am you are now 3 times or more weaker for a few minutes.

Best to use trans am only as a last resort and make sure everyone’s dead before your time runs out.


the 00 gundams have better armor and more power then seed suits. Plus trans am and quantum burst outdoes seed burst mode.

The gn drives would make them invisible to all of the strike freedoms sensors and all of the strike freedoms weapons wouldn’t be able to get past the gn fields.

Kira may have an edge with the plot armor and genetic engineering. But that’s about it.

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The battle outcome will largely depend on the combination of MS and pilots and their opponents.

In terms of firepower, Exia will definitely be of no match as somebody else said. However, activation of Transam may be able to turn the table around. Don’t forget it takes time to lock the targets and fire under full burst mode. This is when Strike Freedom becomes a sitting duck. Unlike Kira, Setsuna does not show any mercy. Kira would be lucky if Setsuna doesn’t aim at the cockpit :rofl: Another way to defeat Strike Freedom is to work with Tieria. Think it as a analogy to Mercurius and Vayeate. All weapons of Strike Freedom will be useless…Nothing gets through the GN field unless Kira miraculously found a Zaku heat hawk :rofl:. It would be interesting if Celestrial Being intervened during the duel between Strike and Aegis. There is no right or wrong in this matter because both characters simply want to avenge for their friends.

Actually Celestrial Being might actually reach an agreement with Arch Angel. What these two organizations do are not very different - anything moves, shoot it :rofl: I think this is possible because the Gundam pilots did reach out to the Trinity siblings to learn their true motives. If things go South, I would say none of the vessels would be destroyed. Set the commanders aside, one is protected by GN field and the other can always hide under the water…

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you know that the gn fields block all beam weapons and kira has nothing but beam weapons. Plus gn drives render a gundam invisible to radar and thermal detection. So targeting the 00 gundams isn’t possible either.

The difference in power and technology between 00 suits vs seed/destiny suits is very high. Kira would get completely wrecked unless the seed suits got gn drives and better armor.

Really outside of turn A and Turn x the 00 gundams are the strongest gundams. I prefer wing myself but 00 suits are not to be messed with.

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