Gundam Seed vs Gundam 00

So I had a couple ideas for crossover scenarios and for this one I was wondering: What would happen if Celestial Being from Gundam 00 invaded the world of Gundam Seed?

Basically the 00 Gundams would be doing what they did in their own show/universe and try to eliminate war and conflict through force, and with how much conflict happens in Gundam Seed/Gundam Seed Destiny, they would be pretty active. This would take place after Seed Destiny, though if anyone has a better time for it to happen feel free to mention it.

So how do you think the characters would react to each other, which Gundams would face off against each other, how would this affect the conflict between naturals and coordinators ,and would Setsuna be able to defeat Kira?

Please tell me how you think this scenario would play out, as well as your thoughts on both series and which is your favorite :slight_smile: