Gundam Seed Destiny HD Remastered - Video thread

Before anyone complains about me doing something that transgresses the terms of conditions, allow me to affirm that it’s on youtube.

This doesn’t violate the rules, so here you go.


Opinions, comments?

C’mon guys, here you can discuss about Destiny and rant about EACH Episode

Episode 2 :


Haha, I have one thing to rant about: why in the world would they not have more security precautions when it comes to protecting their precious Gundams from unauthorized access? Freakin’ ZAFT wrote the book on hijacking other people’s machines using a small group of efficient infantry and yet they fell for the same thing? Sometimes I wonder what’s so different between Naturals and Coordinators :slight_smile:

Other than that, I’m liking what I’m watching. I can understand a bit why Shinn is so angry too; not a pleasant way to see your family die.

I don’t have any complaints so far, but we aren’t far enough along in the series for that just yet. lol I really enjoyed those two episodes. I’ll probably end up watching the rest. Keep em coming Deathscythe!

Also, the production team in charge of these remasters are brilliant.

Well… you see… over 30 years ago when the first Gundam series was created, it started off with mobile suits attacking a colony and some random kid who lived there jumped into one of the mobile suits that miraculously survived the attack and even more miraculously, managed to take down an entire squad of enemies single-handedly practically by accident.

When they made the sequel, the first episode had a selfish, annoying, arrogant little twat first start a fist-fight with military personel for pointing out his name was feminine and then when properly detained and left along for just a minute, he ran off and hijacked one of only three of the newly created top-of-the-line state-of-the-art Gundams with absolutely no resistance or problem.

And since the point of the Gundam Seed series was to update those old storylines, they more or less tried to keep as close to those as possible. In the first case, there were 5 Gundams created instead of just 1 and 4 of them were stolen-- and Kira actually had some reason to understand how to control the machine unlike Amuro.
What we had in Gundam Seed Destiny here is similarly marginally less stupid than how things went down in Gundam Z, but only marginally so.

Ah, a victim of tradition then. It’s a sad thing, but at the very least, it creates a reason for us to see more big robots shooting each other up.

Also nice to see Mr. Angry losing his sh!t every so often.

Is anyone else super stoked to see Dearka’s Gunner Zaku warrior in black this time around? I know I am.

I wish they just kept the buster and dual for those two. I mean, they couldn’t have been repaired or updated? Dearka and Yzak deserve way more than this if they have been Veterens for two years.

Especially Yzak.
I like that guy. He’s someone to trust.
Furhtermore, he seems to be someone significant to Zaft. Why not give him a better suit then?

It could be that as part of their treaty, all suits developed by Naturals are to be returned to Earth, hence why they have to make do with ZAFT equipment. Why they weren’t given ZAFT gundams is beyond me. Better in their hands than in some hangar waiting to be hijacked.

If you think about it, maybe Dearka and Yzak might have received one of the three stolen Gundams. They were only just created, and hadn’t even seen combat yet. So I think it’s a huge possibility for Yzak, and even still a possibility for Dearka. But even still, I think Dearka deserved more than a Blaze Zaku Phantom in the end, definitely a Gouf.

That being said, I can say I’ve come to figure out why they aren’t “rewarded” with Gundams.

But those 3 Gundams are useless after all. It would have been better to manufacture 1-4 additional Impulse Gundams.

There’s an explanaition enclosed in this video starting at 17:00 (don’t abort the vid after his complaint about the Destiny silhouette)


Ha! Whacky is whacky. He does have a few good points.

The way the process worked in Destiny is that the silhouettes for Gaia Abyss and Chaos, they were MS-V, thought up 3 years after Destiny was originally animated. Also, on the timeline the packs were made right after Shinn received the Destiny. So I’m not sure about their usefulness altogether.

I’ve never seen Destiny all the way through, but I’m definitely going to keep watching this hd remaster. It’s really good so far.



Jesus Christ!
Take a drink every time when you see a reused stock footage.
I dare you!
Episode six…and now I remember the horrors that Gundam SEED Destiny brought upon me when it comes to stock footage.

I just watched episodes 11 and 12. I don’t think I got that far in the original release, but I don’t think that bad ass mobile armour was part of the show and I’m assuming that because all of it’s screen time is completely new animation. Great episode!

Hearing that really makes me want to watch all the HD remaster episodes of SEED and Destiny.