Gundam Seed and Destiny Remaster HD

Does not seem like anyone has posted this yet.

Whether you are a fan or hate the series. Just wanted to let you guys know that has been uploading the series the past year.

I believe GundamInfo is an official affiliate with Bandai, not sure. But if you want to watch the whole thing is pure 1080p HD, I guess you have to buy, stream on another site or download it.

The ones on youtube goes up to 480p and still great quality never less.

The series has some new scenes and to fit wide screen and other special things.

Their currently updating the destiny series and will probably be finished next year… since they upload a episode every week. I feel like they’ll be releasing the RG Strike Freedom, Infinite Justice, and Legend possibly as the episodes come along or maybe end of the series. Just a guess since they released the RG Destiny to celebrate the Remaster HD version of the Destiny series a while back.

Also their apparently changing the ending of Destiny to make it more appealing to the fans. I’m guessing it clears up the relationship stuff that goes on in the show? Not sure. It’s right here.

Personally SEED and SEED destiny are not too popular in my books. I can understand them doing a SEED remaster(sort of :confused:) but a SEED destiny in my mind really didn’t need to happen, its not like it was that long ago and the animation technology has not changed much since it was released and there was very little in the SEED remaster that was different, mostly comprising of new (voiceless) footage. I remember my SEED friend making a big deal saying they’re going to show the Perfect Strike Gundam! But when they finally did it was for like a whole minute of footage, if that.

And on the topic of a different ending to Destiny, lets face the facts, the entire last half of Destiny has no direction, it needs more than a different ending in my mind, it needs a complete rewriting of episodes 30+ which is just not going to happen anytime in the foreseeable future, at least knowing Bandai the way we gundam fans do.

As a fan of seed, I particularly enjoy its remaster and noticing all the differences in the animation and quality. The SEED universe has most of my favorite gundam designs but is also a great timeline imo. The character development is what makes it come out on top for me. I just wish the hd remaster of SEED would get dubbed so I can buy it! lol

I enjoy the SEED and Destiny re-masters as well. I watched the original stuff and the animation just felt off, whereas the re-master had a much more enjoyable quality.

Regarding the need to re-master them, I see it as simply a matter of Sunrise taking advantage of a situation to test out something that can be used for any series in the franchise. We’ll probably see more re-masters down the line as each series reaches an anniversary date so really, it’s a win-win for everyone.

As for ragging on it, it’s been done and done several times. I think we have several threads in the Battleground sub-forum dedicated to it, haha.