Gundam Rock

If you’ve heard these before, good for you here’s a cookie (the cookie is a lie).

If you haven’t… well prepare to have your minds blown by sheer awesomeness!



Bought that the year it came out. Imported it straight from Japan.

Yeah I just stumbled across this about a month ago and instantly liked it. Out of all the songs covered I like “Star Children”, “Alone in the Wind”, “Encounter”, “Here Comes Char”, and finally at the top is “Soldiers of Sorrow”.

The best “song” for me has to be Andrew W.K. doing the Ghiren Zabi speech from Garma’s funeral. Everyone should get this album, especially if I’m a huge fan of it. My distaste for UC based things is well known around here.

yeah I downloaded this back in the day,
SO worth it!
I was an Andrew WK fan anyway to begin with. and then I saw a sample on Youtube and I thought FAAAAAAAKE…
(one song later)
I love these covers of the original Gundam songs.
I even made an AMV to soldiers of Sorrow!


This is the best thing ever. AndrewW.K.4LYFE

I listen to Andrew W.K’s Ai Senshi on my way to school every day.


Words cannot describe how much I love A.W.K. As a person, and as a musician. My stereo is now broken, but I oft play my Gundam music from my Xperia~