Gundam Randomizer

Got this Idea on GFAQ’s Gundam Board. And I figured you all would enjoy this.

Basically you pick a Pilot

Pick a Battle they where in and the suit they piloted in said battle, then go here:

Click Random tab untill you get an MS/MA or other Vehicle (so if you get a charictar first go again untill you get a mobile suit, then post it. The Object is to see what would happen if a pilot was put into a random MS from acrossed the Gundam Meta-Verse, and see how they’d fare.

Okay I’ll go first.

Pilot: Char Aznable
Battle: Final Fight of CCA
Unit: MSN-04 Sazabi

Let’s hope he get’s something that will help him win.

Intresting he may just win this lol, via Trans-Am and insane speed.

Pilot: Millardo Peacecraft
Battle: Final Fight of Wing
Unit: Epyon

Haha, doubt it would matter much.

Pilot: Yonem Kirks
Battle: Assault on Torrington Base
MS: Zaku I Sniper

He would probably do fairly well, way newer suit then what he was already amazing in.

Pilot : Duo Maxwell
MS : XXXG-01D Deathscythe I
Skirmish : First encounter against MD

In regards to the randlomly selected MS :


Pilot:George de Sand
Battle:Final Battle of G Gundam
MS:Hizack Custom

Christina Mekensi
RX-78-NT-1 “Alex” Gundam
Battle With Kampher

It kinda works for her lol

Battle: First fight of 08th MS Team
Pilot: Shiro Amada
Suit: Custom Ball

ROFL-stomp dosen’t even come close to describing to how easily he wins now.

Pilot: Lowe Guele
Battle: Battle versus Nebula Blitz
Unit: MBF-P02 Astray Red Frame

Imagine the wild mods and upgrades that Lowe would add to this MS/MA. :smiley:"Ge_Drei")

Pilot : Seabook Arno
MS : Gundam F91
Battle : Against Carozzo (Ending)

looks stronger than F91.

Pilot:Amuro Ray
Battle:Final battle of the one year war/battle against zeong

I am dumbfounded by this combo, and honestly, don’t know if he would still win or not.