Gundam Quiz

Black Rasiel. Sorry dude but since I watched Gundam 00 for the 1st time last month, I also have been reading all the 00 mangas as well. Saw this one just last week.

Bitches be crazy

ok so you got that one. Damn it bro, u on a roll.
This might or might not trick you though.

Reborn Gundam Origin. I like it more than the Reborn Gundam.

I suppose, this is the blackraisel.

Mine was a variations of D-scythe Hell, the mad tarantula. So yeah, Gundam Wing :stuck_out_tongue:


Gundam Raigou.

I think.

I am unhappy that everyone gets it on their first try, but atleast its someone new.

Okay, that I’ve never seen before. Looks like an Astray head on a late UC body.

I am stumped as well. good job finding a hard one.

It’s Zephyr gundam I found it after a lot of searching and linking

Good job RX-78-2, u should know it since its a variant of you. It a automated version of the Gundam and needs no pilot.

It’s the Strike Dagger from Gundam Seed. A rather cool grunt if you ask me.

That’s the Strike Dagger

Well, alright. Expecting Alpha to be sleeping/unavailable, I’ll clarify this first :

That “mysterious” suit I posted yesterday was a variation of the XXXG-01D2 … Gundam Bad Tarantula.

Alright, I’ll keep this thread occupied, if Alpha doesn’t mind.

Wow, that one’s a hard one. It reminds me something out of Gundam Wing.

im ok with Deathscythe taking care of the show while im asleep.
I went searching hard and far to find the answer to this one. OZ-19MASX Gundam Griepe.

t1 shuttle gundam?

dammit, i thought that was hard! im butthurt now.

it would be best if Deathscythe and I did not answer.

Z Plutonius. Never read the manga, but remember the cover art, which that picture was taken from.

OMG bro!