Gundam Quiz

Hi everyone, my name is Alphachruch and welcome to Gundam Quiz!
Here I will post a picture of a gundam that is unknown to many fans.
Now this is the first test! *After 5 guesses, or the next time i check i will reveal the answer.
HINT~part of the RX-78 series

it looks like something from the Solomon Express designs, but I am not familiar enough with them to give an answer off the top of my head.

I got it! It’s the RX-78-3 Solomon Express G-3.

Damn you! But thats ok. Here comes the next one!

Hint-Astray Red Frame

Is it the Astray Red Frame “Powered Red” version? I remember seeing something like that on Gundam Guy.

You need to go home Bossguy, cause you’re right again. But can you get this next one?

This one needs no hint.

that would be Gundam AGE-1 Assault Jacket, one of the few AGE designs I like.

Ok, now i know this next one is one that no one knows about. Unless u a UC geek.
No hints. I want this to be hard. and the next one after this is harder.

Aha! I knew I saw it somewhere! It’s the Gundam Mark V!

that is the Gundam Mark 5. it really would of been a hard one had I not seen it, for the first time in my 9 years of being a Gundam fan I might add, a week ago while checking out the Psyco Gundam family tree.

I’ll just be insolent, posting the next one :

yes, It’s official …

The one on the right is the Prometheus Gundam, and the other one is… the Warlock? Something like that…

I was actually eager to examine whether you knew what suit the right one was or not.

Just before Alpha comes up with another one, I’ll post another one :

That would be the GPB-X78-30 Forever Gundam.


Can anyone guess this ?

Do not cheat by copying the images link and filter out the MS number. :C (applies to everyone)

I don’t know what that one is but if its not from G Gundam im going to be shocked.

also I think I’ve got one for you guys, good luck

That is the Mega Zeta no?

Lol all these wanna be anchors to my game show! This is the next one.

that’s the Gussa from Gaia Gear. Never liked the designs from that novel, especially this one.

god damn it, i actually thought that was a hard one since it was from Gaia Gear and not Gundam itself. Ok imma calm down for this next one.

I hope the black makes it harder to guess. (that was a hint)