Gundam Psychoframes and Green Lanteren

Bear with me fellas…think about it:

in the green lantern comics each power color represents an emotion

Green: Willpower

Red: Anger

Orange: Avarice

Indigo: Compassion

Yellow: Fear

Blue: Hope

Violet: Love

Now think about this and here are some examples:

Unicorn: Red then Green (Signifying that throught Benaghers Now indominable Will the Beast of Possiblities has been tamed of its anger)

Banshee: Orange (Showing AEs greed for control)

Sinanju: Indigo (I know its not but bear with me…after all Full Frontal is compassionate for his men…in a way)

Kyshatria: Cant remember this so if any can point it out please tell.

it sounds weird and if any concur follow.

That is actually pretty cool! However the banshee can turn blue and I don’t think the banshee signifies hope?

Banshee turning blue? when did that happen?

I believe he is referring to this.

I dont think that happens in the novel or in the OVA…But that still looks awesome!

I’ve seen a few concept arts showing the change in color of the Banshee. Though with Riddhe piloting the Banshee. I really can’t see it changing.

Back on topic though. That is very interesting way of looking at the color of the Psycho Frame. And actually makers perfect sense when compared to the Unicorn.

I’m pretty sure the Kshatriya’s is indigo.

I’ll preface this by saying I have never read the novel; but from what I have discerned, the green/blue psycoframe in the Banshee is the way it is depicted in the original novel.

I’ve never seen the psyco frame of the Shinanju or the Kshatriya…

I think he’s making reference to the pilots feelings, rather than an actual color of the MS’s framework.

Well, we know the Shinanju has a psyco frame it just doesn’t expose itself. Does Kshatriya have one? Either way, psyco frames glow, that’s just what they do when active. So here’s what we do to figure out what color Sinanju’s and Kshatriya’s psyco frames glow. We’re going to build them. Not the models, the real things! Then we’re going to cyberneticly and biologically enhance two super human newtypes to pilot them and we’re going to make them fight until the psyco frames are active then when the resonance is at it’s peak, we flip a switch that blows off a section of armor on each MS so we can see the color.

Of course, I just woke up from a nap and had a wicked dream about piloting a Shinanju… so that could just be my just-woke-up talking.

-_-…Heck id jump on the project…and piloting a Sinanju is awesome!

I call that Khashatryia! (And yes it has a Psyco Frame)

Never piloted a Sinanju in a dream, but I had a dream that I piloted some weird, Hi-Nu, Zeta, hybird mobile suit that weilded huge blades similar to GN Swords.