Gundam Product Cycle

I was wondering how Bandai goes about replenishing old Gundam kits. Do they go by popular demand. I’ve looked at the pre-orders that are available but the kits that I’m interested in don’t have any future restock dates. Thanks guys.

Most kits eventually do get a restock at some point. Best thing to do is be patient. But, there are multiple sale groups on Facebook where people sell kits. You might luck up on one of them and find what you’re looking for.

aahhhh, patience. They say it’s a virtue.

It all really depends on what you are attempting to get. For example, Bandai is basically celebrating 10 years since Gundam AGE, so they will reissue some, if not all, Gundam AGE kits, and has already released 2 new kits related to Gundam AGE. Might even release some new ones, but none has been announced other than the 2 released. They have reissued the HG and MG Gundam AGE kits already.

Similarly, they were celebrating the 10 years of Gundam 00 before and has reissued number of kits. They have also released couple new related MG kits since then.

Bandai will be reissuing some Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphan P-Bandai kits later this year as those has been announced. Will probably reissue some more along with the new ones they have released last month and an upcoming one. This is due to upcoming Iron-Blooded Orphan Special Edition and related materials.

Which kits were you attempting to acquire?

From the OVA Gundam Unicorn - RX 0 Unicorn Gundam, AMS 129 Geara Zulu. AMS 119 Geara Dogga. AMX 101E Schuzrum Gallus and of course the MSN 06S Sinanju.
From the show Gundam Hathaway - RX 105/ XI Gundam, Messer Type F-02.
From the manga Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam - Crossbone Gundam X-2

Those are some nice selections.

For Unicorn, if you want to have transformation capabilities, you need to go for the RG, MG, or even PG, depends on the scale you want. HG Unicorn, Banshee, or Phenex cannot transform. RG should not cost more than the HG, but that was couple years ago, prices will probably be much different today.

Some of the kits that you mentioned were set to reissue in the last few months already.

Messer Type F-02, however, was a P-Bandai kit, so you will have to wait till they reissue that on P-Bandai. Hopefully they will do so before the release of the next Hathaway’s Flash movie.

Thanks again F91. Too bad Bandai stopped posting the Reissue Calendar.