Gundam Party

I wasnt sure if this was a game so i just decided to go a head and go with it. If you could party with anyone from the Gundam series who would it be, what would do and where would it be . Mine is Below

( People)
Sumeragi Lee Noriega, Haman Karn, the Shrike Team ( minus Oliver Inoe) Kihel Heim, Lacus Clyne ( I bet she would get wild) Sayla Mass, Fa
and the homies would be Trieze, Quattro Bajeena , Duo, Amuro and anyone else that would come.

Listening is music, cards, Karoki, drinking games such as beer pong, and indulging in some herbs.

Earth some castle in the Sainc Kingdom

I would definitely party with the black tri-stars and of course Quattro. Alanbee would HAVE to be there and I would be hitting on her the whole night along with the two Ninas. :smiley: I’m sure Sai Saishi and Domon would be fun to party with. Lt. Mu Laflaga is a must and a few more girls like Flay, Sumeragi, and Feldt.

I’m sure with these folks, the party would be awesome. There would have to be a poker tournament and maybe some black jack. We’d play the Circle of Death drinking game and maybe drunken mario kart.

We’d party at any awesome crib with plenty of rooms, a pool, and a hot tub.

lol sounds fun as long a Domon doesnt get to drunk and wanting to use his burning finger on everyone