Gundam Origin : TV Anime announced!

Having never watched the original, this should be very interesting to see. Then I’ll watch the original to make comparisons, haha.

You should do yourself a favor and watch the original first.

I watched the 3 compilation movies and they are great, but lacking… excitement sometimes and very strange incidents / conversations :smiley: Maybe that was back in that time… now it could be nice to see a fresh makover :slight_smile:

TO ALL of you who’ve not been able to see/ who haven’t viewed 0079 yet :

Please, be entreated to do so.

How’s the animation quality? The oldest series/show I’ve watched thus far is the F91 movie and I liked the animation there. Just wondering so I know what to expect, haha. I do want to watch it.

Zeta Gundam is expected to be on par with Gundam Wing and G Gundam

Gundam 0079 isn’t that bad.

I don’t find this terrible/horrible at all :


It isnt on par with zeta or.F91 becuase of the lack of money and the fact the animation styles were different for 0079. But I like the style, designs, music. The story still holds up today. Thats why it’s my favorite Gundam. Plus also the Federation wins :smiley:

Wait a sec.

You’re saying Wing and G aren’t on par with Zeta ?

I never.said that.

You’re right, the animation is antiquated and the show has a somewhat campy presentation to it. But…I’m liking it. I grew up watching campy robot shows so this is a nostalgic trip to me. Granted, I’m only on one episode, but still, haha.

I’ve seen MSG, and I’m rather looking forward to this. It would be even more awesome if it did actually get dubbed. But I agree that MSG isn’t up to par to Zeta in terms of animation. But it’s still a good anime to watch.

I’m confused.

Everything I’ve said so far (or rather meant to say) is :

MSG Zeta = Wing, G
MSG Zeta > MSG

I think Bandai will get this dubbed. There’s a “huge” fanbase over there in the states. Same goes for Italy.

So far the greatest Gundam series were the Original 0079, Wing and 00. I hated actively Kamille Bidan and the whole extra teen angst in Zeta. ZZ was ok, F91 was nice. Victory was meh.
So yeah anyone who has not seen the 0079 should watch it, as well as all the ovas following it but before Z. And the newer 3d series. They are good.

I you feel that way. Only way Wing is = Zeta Gundam is in animation. Wing has good characters and Gundam and Gundam class mechs but the story is too complicated to want to understand and the animation is good for 90’s animation style.

In my opinion and observation, I think Wing is better than Zeta in animation. The artwork is more consistent given the timeline. Wing has a deep and complicated story, but once it began to sink within you, you’ll appreciate it more.

Among the U.C., Zeta is my personal favorite. After seeing the original MSG 0079, I greatly appreciated how Amuro and Char can get along and cooperate with each other. It feels like Zeta is the most “star-studded” U.C. series for me given that there are major characters who appeared on prequels and sequels. We have Amuro, Char, Bright, Hayato, Mirai, Kai Shiden, Haman, Kamille, etc.

I liked both Zeta and Wing in their own ways, and I can’t compare it. Wing was in some way refreshing for me. It felt like the Gundams were like anti-heroes in the beginning of the story.

Now, I’m interested with this Origin being animated. I haven’t read the manga, but I have seen MSG 0079. With all the technological advancement we had during this 30-year span, Origin will be worth it.

If you’re talking about quality of the animation, such as the colouring and fluidity, then definitely Zeta, for it’s time in 1986. Wing was created 8 years later and it just nearly manages to match that. Of course, Endless Waltz is certainly the bettter than Wing, it is an OVA after all.

I wish that Gundam origin has huge Gundam light novel influences.

I was speaking of the animation xD

My favourite UC is 0083 btw. It’s the old-school animation quality AND it meets my predilections.

I agree.


Is it right to assume that OVAs usually have better animations compared to the animes of their time?