Gundam Origin : TV Anime announced!

I’ve heard of it lately.

Just read this to apprise yourselves.

What do you think of origin ?

The yellow V-Fin (even if it’s only activated, with Amuro using his newtype abilites) is just wrong.

Why its wrong? sure it was white in the original but yellow doesnt look bad either.

That was just my opinion lol.

Let’s NOT divert the focus to the V-Fin.

I want this thread to concentrate on the relase mainly.

Well I am rather excited,from what i know the story does have some differences to the original but it will be nice to have see the original with new animation. maybe this time it will run longer.

All of the mobile suits are at least a little different.

The Zaku and Z’Gok have completely different proportions and new weapons…

So this is a retelling of the One Year War from the perspective of the manga “The Origin” right?

I’m uncertain about that. Nontheless, it appears to be as you think.

Really? do you have a link?

Looking forward to this a lot. Bummed that I have to wait a year or over though.

This well either go two ways: U.C. fans will either love it or we will hate it. I just wish they do a full series or OVA that shows the Opening of the OYW in full detail.

E.F.S.F Hit the nail on the head there.

Personally if they don’t change it up to much then it should be good. There are some differences anyone expecting an exact copy of MSG will most likely be disappointed. Granted it most of the big things are the same, but some things have been touched up and re-tweaked, Mobile Suits are one of those as said. The Zaku has a few extra toys I know of, the Acguy is really different, and IIRC the Z’gok was a bit different as well, as is the RX-78-2.

That said I hope they can get as many VA’s to reprise their roll as possible I also hope that it gets dubed but I won’t get my hopes up.

Ill tell you this fellas. From what ive read, the Manga is (to some extent) a step up from the anime so i am actually looking forward to this…

If I remember correctly in this the Federation has Mobile Suits at the beginning of the war. Which is to me a huge change since this should change the outcome of the earlier part of the war by taking away Zeon’s only advantage.

I would love to see some bitch slaps reanimated, and iirc the zabi family will have an extra sibling named sasro zabi in origin

…aaaaaand another opportunity for Bandai to capitalize on selling some old fashioned goodies :stuck_out_tongue: I look forward to the remake. If a series within Gundam needs one, it’s the original One Year War.

Anyone else still want the original opening song?

Yup. I do.

Same here…if not more up to date lol

And sung in female vocals. No wait that might kill the manliness.

that it might.