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Help me keep the best Gundam game ever made alive. This game has gas 1st person cockpit view and 3rd person if you prefer. It blast like battlefield 4 with Mobile suits you can go on foot you can get into cars and tanks in game you can take out mobile suits with land mine and rocket launchers on foot. You can actually change the mobile suits weapon for example you could use a gm with a shotgun. You can customize mobile suit colors and at custom decals. This is a Gundam dream game I will be playing for years to come. Also Xbox live on 360 is now free

All you need to play is a Japanese Ntsc-J Xbox 360
A modified RGH/Jtag Xbox that’s capable to go online
And the game of course games about 20$ consoles are around 80-130$ but you have my pledge you’ll always have someone to play with also look up Gundam operation troy on YouTube game does have a awesome campaign mode to Join my group and let’s spread message of this amazing game. Also note Gundam battle operation 2 is slow&clunky and doesn’t have tanks and what not doesn’t even compare to this game Cheers Gundam fans ty for you support hope to make many friends. We have about 20 so far not all has joined group yet.Mobile Suit Gundam_ Operation Troy (Xbox 360)