Gundam on the Wii?!

Ok, so last night I couldnt sleep. so what did I do? youtube from the ipod. and I was really longing for some Gundam. I wanted a Gundam Game! I’m kinda sick of Dynasty warriors Gundam. Its fun but I can get sick of it after a while.
(I miss my Ps2)
Anyway! I ended up watching some A-hole review Low spec PC games and he said Gundam for the Wii was awesome-
WAIT WHAT?!~ Gundam for the Wii?

Check it out!

I’m sure its only in Japanese and I’ll never see it in the states…
But dang this looks SWEET!

I’d not been aware of the Wii being able to create such graphics.

Have you examined the video’s specs? It’s said to have been submitted 5 years ago, lolz.

I plan on getting this actually. I have region unlocked my wii so it should be easy

but wait there’s more…

of course… it was too good to be true…

But all is not lost, one could get it here.

I knew it was too good to be true. Japan gets all the good stuff and We get the scraps… If anyone needs me I’ll be crying in my bedroom playing with my action figures and models…

There are quite a few ways to play Japanese games on your wii. I suggest you do what I am going to do.

If you want to get a GREAT Gundamesque game, get a Dreamcast and get Gundam Side Story: Rise from the Ashes. Several of the missions are straight out of 08th MS Team. It’s the only in-cockpit gundam game out there (in America) and it’s a hell of a lot of fun to play! Especially once you get the MP Guncannon! Here’s a video from the first mission:

Rise from the Ashes is AWESOME.

On the PS2, there’s Zeonic Front, which is also really sweet. You’re a Zeon pilot running an MS squad, so there are some tactics involved, and I think there as some route planning, a la Rainbow Six.

wow… really. have fun playing the game man.

Zeonic Front we need more games like this SIEG ZEON