Gundam NT airing tonight

Looks like Gundam Info (Official Gundam Youtube channel) will be playing NT in English dub and multiple language sub

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It’s a good movie, I was lucky enough to watch it last year on anime expo. It was on the 4dx theater, crazy experience.

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It has story(ies) on its own, but definitely recommend to watch Unicorn first to understand the full plot.

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Still can watch it

Narrative Dub:

Narrative Sub:

They even have Thunderbolt subs

Thunderbolt December Sky:

Thunderbolt Bandit Flower:

I forgot to comment on this

That was interesting, I was ok with the time travel stuff they mentioned because that made sense with new types but ghosts, that’s a bit much for me. The bad guy was meh but had a interesting back story, the rest of characters were similar, bleh but interesting backgrounds. The ending worked for me and explains away why there are no psycho frames in the future timeline of UC

hi im new to this forum but i saw this and i came in i was there for the preview on youtube waited the hole day XD .has anyone here seen the gundam unicorn statue and the mini scene it has with the gundam unicorn perfectibility. sorry for busting in all of a sudden on ur forum??? i guess sorry