Gundam MG Closed Horn Part for [1/144 Valvrave and RG Stike] Parts

I’m looking for MG Unicorn closed horned.

The only stuff that I can offer is that I have unused 1/144 RM-011/FI Valvrave Ⅰ Burning Man Full Impact (I just need some small parts) and a RG Strike Freedom (I only need is the hand and stomach plate).

Damn, i thought i had one, i just have extra banshee parts. I would have just sent it to you. IF you don’t get a response, hit up and make an order. You could replace your missing RG SF parts too.

I did find the extra one that comes with the MG Banshee. If you want to paint it ill send it to you.

Huh… they reestablished parts service? I posted the parts thread in the q&a portion few weeks ago and somehow it’s been deleted (I remember GGInfinite is down and Gentei is out as I recall). Who deleted my thread?!? D:

I have the Banshee closed horn and tried to spray paint it… the results is… not favorable as I apply multiple coats on it. Does it need to be hand painted instead?

I’m curious how to order it from the faq sheet. I already have an account but I don’t know how to approach it from FAQ site. It seems inconclusive coming from my side.

Thanks for answering to my current problem.

The forum went down for a couple of weeks and everything from mid-December until mid-February is gone.

As for Gentei;
Log in
Click New order button
Select MG Unicorn from the list on the left side
Enter part #
Then hit Confirm order button.

Thanks for the info. They replied to my request and so far they have the items that I needed. Thanks~!