Gundam meme pics :P

Hey everybody :smiley:

I’m not quite sure whether something like this or a thread releated to this has already been posted ,
but I got the idea of creating memes in conncection with Gundam while I was browsing through :stuck_out_tongue:
I mean , wouldn’t it be a little bit too weird to publish it on fb or else where almost nobody has ever heard anything of Gundam ?

However , my first pic is this , other pics are supposed to be posted afterwards :smiley:

I’m lookin’ forward to seeing more posts and to seeing this thread grow .

Don’t let them hurt ya kids !

D-scyhte ! xD

This one always gives me a good laugh.

I had uploaded it on quickmeme myself , but I was not able to post it here afterwards … therefore , it is being posted as an caption :confused:

[hahahahaha] That picture’s funnier than Daniel Tosh.

I scrolled through my flashdrive for 30 minutes (I got about half way through) these are the gundam memes I found.

Since I spend many waking hours on the internet I am quite familiar with memes.

RX-0: “So What book are you reading?”

Me: “The Giver,”

RX-0: “Forged By Fire sounds good,”

Me: " If I wanted a story about child abuse I would watch Gundam,"

RX-0: nods head “True,”

Damn, I’ve run out of things to say…

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That last one is the best!

Those were all priceless. Especially the last one :slight_smile:

Some fun things I found on the net

Some where among my 9,000 to 10,000 pictures on my flashdrives I have that last picture… now if only I could find it

This one had a valid point, I know that feel.

Reminds me of the time I was sketching Dynames in school after a test and later a girl from my class walked up to me and said “Cool robot!” and I replied “It’s a freaking Gundam,” then we stared at eachother until she walked away.

LOL. Yeah, I was whaching the Final Batle in Unicorn episode 4 in the libary today (Out of boredom pretty much), and one of the guys in the class under me was all like “Why are you whaching Transformers on you tube?” I nearly slaped him.

i was leaving my hobby shop and had my 1/48th Gundam box and as i was leaving some guy was like “Oh sweet bro!” and i looked at him and he walks over and says “dude i have all the originals still in box” and i said oh really and he is like yeah i love transformers and so i just gave him a blank stare and then said rhymes with Duck you and walked off lol

When I was in grade 6, my brother and I made a gundam costume for me to be in (it actually looked like the RX-78-2, mind you, unlike those other suckish cosplays you see online!) Anyways, the sad thing about it is that no one knew what Gundam was at my elementary school :frowning: This one kid even tried to pronounce “Gundam” as “gun DAMN” (with HUGE emphasis on the “damn”). Needless to say, I kind of lol’d with his unintentional swearing - I don’t THINK he knew that “bad” word at that age (he was younger than me then).

Sir , Now that I’ve seen this , I am downloading it . As soon as possible , this is going to be set as “Timeline Cover Photo” on Facebook .

Shit, I’m late for Gundam school!

I just saw this on 9gag a few days ago. I think it was awesome. :slight_smile: