Gundam Marker vs Sakura, which is better? (my first time panel-lining)

I’m looking for something that’s easy to wipe off with a cotton bud or eraser, and thin enough to handle small and delicate pieces, namely, the head of my MG Heavyarms. Any suggestions?

GM01, GM02, and GM03 are small enough. I used them on my own MG Heavyarms.

I like to use Micron pens. .2mm and .3mm are great. They don’t dry up like gundam markers when you go over paint with them.

Staedtler pigment liners work well enough too. I used the the .1mm recently for some detailing and it gave me a nice glossy black color that was still easy to clean up with a bit of water and a touch of a finger.

When I was younger, I used to swear by the Micron/Staedtler pens. Easy to use and a lot easier to obtain than Gundam Markers. Since getting back into Gunpla though, I’ve switched to hand-painting. If this is your first time though, definitely go with the pens, but just remember that the pros DLinker has mentioned can ultimately become cons if you don’t topcoat or seal the kit afterwards.

I prefer Gundam Markers over Sakura Microns, though I generally use Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color whenever I can.