Gundam Marker solvent

For some reason, I thought using Gundam Markers would be easier. But those hard plastic nibs make it hard to get a good straight line or do much more than touch-ups. And the big tip on the “eraser” marker doesn’t help.

What’s the solvent for these markers? Can it be purchased in a jar? Some household substance that I haven’t figured out yet?

Gundam marker can be easily removed with some rubbing alcohol/isopropyl. Just put a little bit on a q-tip you should be good to go.

Mr. Hobby Thinner thins gundam marker paint beautifully. I’ve found that with applying with your own brush after dispensing a little paint into a pallette, then adding a drop of Mr. Retarder (“mild” in my case), you can paint a suprisingly smooth and streak-free finish. But the color your applying as well as the plastic color you’re covering is a pretty significant factor.

I love me some gundam markers!! I hope that helps.