Gundam Inquiry

Hi guys !

I won an auction and got this for 1000 yen.

But unfortunately this is my first gundam and don’t even know its name. Or how much it’s worth.
Please tell me which gundam model is this how to assemble bottom two parts if any instructions manual would be great help.

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Looks like from double O universe.

That’s the Seravee Gundam from 00


This was so fast !
Thanks so much it means a lot

Is it worth 1000 yen?

Well it looks like it’s missing parts. And I cant tell what scale it is from the picture. If it’s a 1/100 scale it’s not a bad price despite the missing parts if it’s a 1/144 that was too much for it.

Judging from the thickness on the V Finn and the block style hands I’m guessing this is 1/144.

Check this out. That’s what the complete 1/144 looks like. You might have all the parts. Except the hands, but you can get a set of edge hands that will work.