Gundam Gemini featuring a female Protagonist

Hello, new here. After waiting so long for a female protagonist, I decided to write my own. Here’s the summary:

An original story. An original universe. A familiar Gundam-inspired tale.

In the midst of a decades-long conflict, the fates of two enemies intertwine, changing their destinies forever.

Vega Aurelia, Lux ace and woman of mystery, finds an adversary worthy of her skills.
Laura Hartmann, Rem orphan-turned-pilot, makes the discovery of the century on her quest for vengeance.

As the fighting intensifies, little do these women know that their rivalry will transform the balance of the war, unearthing mysteries and truths that will shake them to the very core.

If you have the time, please read it and leave a comment. Thank you.


You put a shockingly amount of effort into this. Bravo! I’ll give it a read when I have the chance.

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it!

Episode 2 is up now and the story has been split into more chapters for more convenient reading.