Gundam games unreleased overseas

Well, we all know the popular titles released to the western world, but there are a LOT of games that most of us haven’t even heared of, unless we take the time to view them on the net.

There are plenty for the Playstation, and there was one based on Zeta Gundam for the Sega Saturn “Beat of Zeta”.

Anything you’re familiar with, please share.

Gundam wiki has a list of all gundam games ever made here or otherwise. MS Sensen 0079 is OYW FPS game on the wii, I plan on getting it and it has many suits including MSV suits.

Well for the PS3 we have

Gundam Extreme Vs. (JP/Asia only)
Gundam Battlefield Reccord 0081 (Jp/Asia only)
Crossfire/Target in Sight (Us/JP/Asia)
Of course the DWG games (Again all regions)

Then there’s Op Troy for the 360, only available over seas…and there’s region protection on 360 games so you need that region’s 360.

For the last two gens of consoles we have Girehn’s Greed, which I’ve heard where fun but have never been able to play…there is a PSP version and if I ever pick one up I’ll get that. There’s also some Gundam game on the PSP (can’t rember the name) that has a suit list with of like 200+…which I really want.

I bought every Super Famicom and PS1 game, many being were surprisingly addictive. More obscure was Formula Wars on the SF and Char’s Counterattack on the PS. I even bought the Japanese versions of Gundam Battle Assault 2, which I thought was inferior to the western version.

I’ve still got my PS1 Zeta Gundam game. Managed to snag it used on eBay for $35, and it was worth every penny in my book :smiley:

I have a sidescrolling shooter-type for the Saturn that is pretty interesting. Not great, but it is difficult, and it uses an interesting powerup system. I think it’s just called Mobile Suit Gundam.

Also, Pilot’s Locus on the Gamecube was very solid.

The entirety of the SD Gundam G Generation series is generally quite good as well.

I always wanted to check this one out for more Blue Destiny.

Cross Dimension 0079 for Super Famicon is a really good tactical rpg that’s easy to find as a rom, and easy to find an english patch for even.

Mobile Suit Gundam Online looks really fun, but I imagine it will not be available to westerners (it’s only in beta). :frowning:

Anyone played Mobile suit: Gundam Unicorn?

I was looking at getting that one for the PS3, it looks like it follows the first three chapters storyline.