Gundam G in Reconguista (Formerly known as G-Reko)

Didn’t see a topic about it, le new Gundam series is new.

Not sure what to think, the Artstyle dosen’t look as good as it once did (see the old G-reko poster to see) but hey Tomino!

Though it seems oddly peaceful…so I’m thrown for a loop.

Apparently takes place after the UC, in a time frame called the Reguild Century…again don’t know how I feel about it.

I’m all over it. Looks great to me, and as others have stated, it seems reminiscent of Turn A. Sold!

Yeah, I’m going to watch it for sure. The animation and art style will take some getting used to, but it doesn’t look as foreign as Turn A so no problem there.

Dunno, I just don’t have the Faith I did when it looked like this:

Dunno I’ll keep a look out for it for sure, but as of now, I dunno.

Oh well I still have the Origin and Unicorn to look forward too, and it can’t be as bad as AGE at any rate. Also still better looking Mecha than Victory, if only slightly…

You have to realize that the poster above was a concept design, but I get you.
From that poster I wasn’t expecting things as they were now.

But I love how Tomino works things in. Notice that non UC products he did never burn an old theme like an Earth Government.

In a year from now, people will say Reconguista is Amazing, it’s Good, and some will say it’s next to shit.
But nobody will say Tomino was not unique. He added some elements of other mecha anime sure, but he never copied another Gundam show.

Another thing I like about him is how the main robot doesn’t stereotyically have a v-Fin like all the other AU Gundams. He makes it look different. And it’s refreshing.

Reconguista feels fresh.

I saw the concept drawings of the new Gundam. Looks like Exia was bashed together the Reborn Gundam. Looks a little odd, and the characters seem rather, strange for some reason. But who knows, the story might be great. I’m a sucker for a good story.

I said it before, and it looks like I’ll have to say it again.

I’d rather become a die hard Katoki fanboy than say that design is anything but stupid! It’s supposed to look like a gundam, not a damn LFO. Doesn’t help the art style looks so damn much like Eureka 7. But at least it’s not a mustache, I’ll give it that.

Design wise, I feel quite tempted and entirely hooked!
Hopefully, this turns out to be a good show! (Not many doubts in my head, reflecting on Tomino’s a good mecha creator and writer)

If there’s one thing Gundam has taught me over the years, it is to always remain open minded to new possibilities. Sure it does look a little like an LFO, that that could be because the character designer for the series is the same guy who designed the Eureka 7 characters.

Exactly. And I have yet to watch a Gundam series that I did not like.

It’s that kind of thinking that gave us aliens and a fucking giant space flower.

So that means its going to be great, because I liked that movie alot

Not the same here, most I can stomach (Even Destiny to an extent) but there’s Victory and AGE, and as I grow older I like Victory a bit more…though not much. (Still Nothing tops Victory in ugly but I’m talking plot here)

^ Dude, all this talk about Victory is making me want to watch it, haha. I just have to make sure to shut my brain off so I won’t get bothered by all of the dying characters.

You sad, poor individual.

lmao opinions are like assholes…

It’s funny how people that complain over a show think their opinions matter because they find something wrong with it.

It’s like those guys that keep bashing Hajime Katoki into the ground thinking he’ll learn english, come to our forum, and actually take into account what we think. The man is getting paid to make interesting variations of mecha to keep an interest in the product. He doesn’t care what you think.

Now there’s a huge difference between stating your opinions and just bitching and complaining over it.

It’s an anime. It’s not politics. This isn’t going to effect your living. It’s a show designed to appeal to young children and sell toys.
The age where Gundam as an adult hobby now only exists only in niche communities such as this.

In Japan, mecha as a whole is considered a hobby, not just Gundam, so many fans might consider the E7 artist to be a nice nod.
And what if they retained the old look?
“Wtf is this sht!! It looks like AGE over again! Fuk you, Tomino! Fuk you, Bandai! No fuking creativity!”

I’ll admit it looks different, but that’s a good thing.
Everyone should be glad Old Tomino is willing to work on Gundam again! He hates this series more than anything, and he’s willing to put up with that.

He’s moving forward. You should too. I can’t wait to see what it’ll be like.

Damn right. I’m here to ruin Gundam for the “true” fans.

I have little doubt.

He never said he hated Gundam, he said he hated Sunrise and Bandai.

Hell he kept working on Gundam after Victory when he began to hate them the most, you forget he did Turn A? (Which caused him to dislike them more when they said no Female lead but he trolled them with Loran) He also worked on Crossbone after Victory as well. So no he never hated Gundam, if anything it’s his love child as a good chunk of his work is UC Gundam (Several Versions of CCA, Hathaway’s Flash, Gaia Gear, Four Series, several Movies, and Crossbone, all before Turn A is a good few Decades of Work, if he hated it I doubt he’d have kept going, it’s the corperation he disliked)

That said I just hope Bandai let’s him do what he wants this time, after Turn A’s and Crossbone’s Popularity (Crossbone of which they had no Say in IIRC) they should just figure he knows what he’s doing, and that’s not even reaching back to 0079/Zeta/and ZZ’s popularity just his more recent Gundam stuff.