Gundam frames

New to gunpla. My first build was RG RX-93 vgundam. I noticed it did not have a frame like my second build which was RG Wing gundam zero which does have a frame.
How can you tell which gunpla has a frame or not?
My rg rx-93 has a pic of a frame but doesn’t have one.
Appreciate any feedback.

So quite a few Real Grades (RX-78-2 Gundam, Gundam Mk. II, Aile Strike Gundam, Zaku II, Wing Gundam (ZERO, EW and TV versions), etc.) use a pre-built inner frame called the Advanced MS Joints. However, due to advances in molding technology, it is now possible to create an inner frame that can be built up from multiple parts at the 1/144 scale. This is why the build for the Nu Gundam is so unique, because it is built more like a traditional Master Grade kit just at a smaller scale. The Nu Gundam is not alone in this way of construction as the Sazabi, Unicorn Gundam, and the Impulse Gundam use these same techniques.

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