Gundam Figures at goodwill

I know nothing about Gundam (sorry!) but picked up these guys up at goodwill since they looked pretty cool.

How can I learn more about them? The figures are from 2001.

(From Left To Right) Nu Gundam, Bolt Gundam, Gundam EZ 8, And a GM Ground Type (Karen Joshua Type*)


These were made in the heyday of Gundam here in the States. I actually had a Wing Gundam figure a long time ago, but either sold it, broke it, or lost it.

Those are some mighty fine figures you’re have there.

@Kenico: You’re right for all of them! The Ground Gundam with the GM head is indeed Karen’s.

:)…Glad to Help lol

Going from left to right, the first figure is from the movie “Char’s Counterattack”, the second is from the TV series “G Gundam”, and the last two are from the OVA/miniseries “The 08th MS Team”. That should help you out if you want to find out more about the various Gundam productions your figures come from. I’d recommend checking out “The 08th MS Team” first out of those three. G is a weird alternate universe, and CCA requires the viewer to know about the plot of three TV series to truly appreciate it, while The 08th MS Team is a very grounded, self contained side story that’s perfect for newbies to the franchise.

Don’t forget War in the Pocket! lol

I was just talking about the entries his toys were from, but yeah, War in the Pocket is one of the best Gundam titles for people curious about the franchise. I can’t reccomend it enough.

haha I thought that guys head didnt match! Thanks for the quick responses!