Gundam Extreme Vs. coming to the West!

So as I mentioned in the Video Games thread, a new Gundam Vs. title is coming out of Japan and into the West. This version, Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxiboost On, will be arriving on the PS Store for digital download July 30, 2020. Yeah that’s right, this game will be by most accounts digital only. Now though, time for the good parts. Graphically, this game looks amazing (especially if you have a PS4 Pro hooked up to a 4k TV) The colors really pop when compared to the Gundam Versus game that was released a few years ago. Speaking of that game, if you’re used to GVS’s gameplay worry not as Extreme Vs. Maxiboost On plays almost exactly like GVS. That being said, the controls feel a lot tighter and more responsive. On another positive note, this game has offline multiplayer. If anyone wants to get in on this, go download the open access pre-release available for free now. There is catch though, open access is only open on the weekends. One final positive note, the amount of suits available is bonkers and if you pre-order you can get the Barbatos Lupus Rex as a bonus.

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This is great news, as I quite liked Gundam Vs. I hope online multiplayer isn’t a peer to peer connection like with Gundam Vs, as my shitty ISP (Spectrum) throttles P2P connections. In that case, I’m glad there’s offline multiplayer.

As far as I know, the offline multiplayer is only 2-player which kind of stinks but isn’t a total loss. If you want to experience the traditional 2-vs-2, you will have to go online.