Gundam Extreme Vs coming to PS3!!!


This is excellent news. The versus series kicks the tar out of the DW series for quality and fun.

Sadly, it’s a Japan-only release for now, but the PS3 is region free so it shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll be importing this as soon as it’s available, and I’ll buy the US version too, should we ever get one. To be fair, this is a PS3 release, not a PSP or Wii release, so the odds of an international release are a bit better (PSP is pretty much dead outside of Japan, and sales for Wii games are pretty poor for non-casual games made by companies not called Nintendo). The game is an arcade game, so even if they add a mission mode to the home release (as they have done with the series every time), the amount of text to translate would be roughly the same as DW3. Anyone who wants a flat-out awesome Gundam game (as in a game that could get a 8, 9, or 10 from American reviewers or a mid-thirties-40 from Famitsu) should hope this gets an international release (if it does Bandai might even feel generous and make a 360 port for westerners as it did for the originally PS3 exclusive DWG1). These games are made by Capcom, if that helps.

Just found out this game will support custom soundtracks. Take that DWG3!

Gameplay video links:*
Here’s a gameplay video from the arcade version; it features a suit SFA loves.
Here’s another one, featuring a fan favorite suit.
There’s also this sexy beast.
Finally, here’s one showing off my beloved IJ.

  • it’s purely coincidental that the videos are from the same channel; I just linked to videos that I thought showed off the game well.

Wikipedia has a list of the playable mobile suits here.

Well this is good news, and being Japan only won’t stop me, Gundam Battle Field Record 0083 is a Japanese game, and is honestly one of the best games I own.

Also Custom sound tracks FTW, I’m going to enjoy blasting people down while having beyond the time blast lol.

Oh and there is a US localization petition on face book that a few people started, odds are it won’t work, but it might.

please be for xbox!!! this looks awesome!

Don’t count on it; the only chance the 360 has of getting the game, is if the game gets localized for NA, because the 360 was discontinued in Japan after failing spectacularly in that market for years.

If you don’t have a PS3, but have a PS2, GC, or PSP you can get one of the older entries in the series. Federation Vs Zeon and Gundam Vs Zeta Gundam were both released locally on the PS2. GvZG can be imported for the Cube (with a Gameshark to act as a region unlocking device). Finally, PSP users have like 3 or 4 versus games they can import, the latest of which being Gundam Vs Gundam Next Plus, and the PSP is region free, so it’s quite easy to play Japanese titles on it.

I have GVGNP and I gotta say it’s a hell of a lot of fun! I had to get rid of my PSP due to a need of funds, but this game kept me entertained for hours.

That bites; we could have set up an online match over adhoc Party.

I’m somewhat conflicted on this. On the one hand this seems most excellent, on the other is a lacking in PS3. My brother owns one, but we don’t exactly share gaming systems. And I’m not buying one…unless this game gets American release, then it’s a maybe. Though the thought of being able to play as Exia…

You know Sony lowered the price of the PS3 a week or two back, right?

Also the Versus games are good enough to buy a system for, unlike the DWG series.

Yeah I don’t see this coming to the 360, the 360 dosen’t do to well in Japan to be frank, that and this Game is based off of PS3 hardware as far as I’ve been told, so odds are it stays PS3/Arcade exclusive.

Also, I don’t think I’m going to buy it untill well into next year, all my funds are going to be tied up in Skyrim and Mass Effect 3, so earliest I see my self buying this isnext July.

Any word on local Multi player yet, I know it’s early but my Bro and I would love the fight Mobile suit on mobile suit like back with G vs. Zeta G.

Apparently it’s only two player offline (plus oline play of course). Seriously, Bandai? It’s not like this game is as pretty as Heavy Rain or Uncharted. The games main mode is two on two combat for crying out loud. Even the GameCube managed 4 player for GvZG. Of course when the home port of the inevitable Gundam Extreme VS Next Plus Ultra Super Duper Edition comes out, they might suddenly find the ability to make a four player offline split screen mode. Oh well, two player split screen beats wi-fi adhoc play any day.

Well works for me, I only have two controllers, and I’m likely to play single player 99% of the time.

Anyhow the reasoning behind no 4player local matches was because there’s a lot more that the Ps3 has to render alot more than say the old GC games, look at GT5’s split screen, the graphics go from OMFG this is epic, to wow, my Ps2 looked better than this, and that’s with just two people. I mean yeah, they can nerf the graphics to high hell, but they opted out of it. Anyhow odds are most people playing multiplayer will be on PSN, so they figured time and resources where better spent elsewhere.

Any news on the new suits they’re adding to the PS3 version, i heard that they added Crossbone Full Cloth and Raphael, I’m hopeing they add more. Anyhow Crossbone Full cloth in it’s self is a selling point for this game, to me at least, that and I saw the list before and it has the Zudah, which again, is a selling point to me.

Extreme Vs won’t be taxing the hardware (Honestly, even DWG3 requires more horsepower; to say nothing of something like Uncharted or Killzone or Gears of War over on the Xbox 360). Bandai’s just being lazy.

For the record, I hate it when the local eperience gets dumbed down for online play. One day the servers will go down, and when that happens n online functionality will die with them. Meanwhile, single player and local multiplayer will still work just fine. Game companies need to go back to the local experience being the primary one with the online experience being just a bonus (usually the same as the split screen experience just over a network; see Halo [2 and 3 at least]), instead of the current trend where the local experience is halfassed in favor of online multiplayer modes. I say this as someone who used to play online with his Dreamcast (and its speedy 56k modem) and was one of the first Xbox Live customers (that’s on the original Xbox), so it’s not that I’m opposed to online functionality in and of itself; I am just not a fan of local multiplayer getting gimped for some crappy online mode that’ll be dead in a few years, if not sooner (see: EA’s tendency to kill online modes after only a year or two). I can still play Halo 2’s multiplayer offline, but if Bungie had decided to act like Bandai is acting now, the local multiplayer experience would have been gimped, and I wouldn’t still be able to enjoy Halo 2’s full multiplayer capabilities (since Live has been discontinued for original Xbox games).

Extreme Vs is (basically) a fighting game; it is not even very demanding as far as PS3 games go. The only reasons it doesn’t have more than two players locally is because Bandai is cheap/lazy (take your pick), and because they want to get the game out in time for the holiday season.

As far as the console exclusive mobile suits go, it’s only the Crossbone Full Cloth (also playable in ACE:R, btw) and Raphael Gundams. They might announce more at a later date or add some via DLC, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

I was going by what the Dev’s where saying about it, or so I read on a link to some site that I saw on GameFAQ’s. (Honetly I think they’re just cutting corners)

And I agree with you on the PSN thing, the servers will go down eventually, which is kinda sad that they still nerf the local experience for that. But that’s sadly the way allot of gaming is going, kinda sucks for people like me who have no PSN due to dial up.

As for the bonus suits, kinda sad they’re only adding two, still it’s a healthy list so no complaints there. I know ACE:R has Crossbone full cloth, but last time I was looking at that it was still in the $100 range, and I heard it was sub par at best from a lot of people, though I still might get it when I have money to blow, mainly cause not only the Crossbones in but so is the Hi-Nu and White Unicorn Zeta, or so I’ve heard they where, not to mention the other Unit‘s and non-Gundam series that are in it. (all three units need more game representation IMO)

Yeah, I’m not gonna piss money away for a system to play 1 game. I don’t care how awesome the game is. And aside from that fact, I hate online gaming. So all I’d ever play would be single player mode and no fun DLC.

…not to mention I don’t have the room, I’ve got 4 systems hooked up. Haha.

Just saying favorite gundam game ever
MS Gundam Journey to Jaburo (idk the spelling)’

ps2 best game ever hardest campaign i’d ever played also

@ZRC: ACE:R can be found for about $40 these days. It’s not a bad game. Its biggest problem are its weird, uncustomizable control scheme, but once you get the hang of the controls, it’s a slightly better game than DWG3 (still not as good as the Versus series though).

Journey to Jaburo, best PS2/Gundam game ever!? is about to say something, but falls over from a heart attack, due to the sheer amount of rage induced by the comment

Ponders saving Zeta-G

Eh, why not. Revives by telling him kira actually died in SEED Destiny

Honestly, I’ve really wanted to play this game (Since I own extreme gundam 1/144) But I don’t think it’s worth shelling out 200+dollars on a system that I wouldn’t use for anything else. (I don’t really play video games much anymore anyways.) I’ll prolly just go play it at a friends house or something.

Thanks for the info Zeta-G.

Anyhow, the best Gundam game ever, well one of the best, has to be Battle Field Record 0083, awesome game, unfortunately if you don’t have online you can’t get allot of the suits due to the parts only dropping online, but still good ol fun, with a load of suits, and some good DLC. Honestly though my fav suit is in the game by default and it was made for it, the MS-08XT/N Effret Nacht, who dosen’t love a Effret that dual wields Katanas and throws exploding kunai. Oh not to mention a Custom Black ZakuI that the main Zeon pilot uses early in the game, has a Gouf heat sword it’s epic.

i did say it was the best zeta i said it my was my favorite gundam game ever and best ps2 gundam game for me

I was responding more to the best PS2 game ever part. If you personally like it, that’s fine by me; I just have to wonder what else you’ve played on PS2 to think that game of all things was the best PS2 game ever.

@GNZ: The PS3 is the best Blu-ray player on the market, and the only one that has been continuously updated to support the latest Blu-ray spec every time. Aditionally, it can be used to access Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, MLB, and NHL (all with various subscription options of course). Finally, the PS3 has the most diverse (both by genre and by intended demographics) and critically acclaimed first party game line up (out of the current generation of consoles); if you have even the slightest bit of (console) gamer in you, the PS3 has some must-own exclusives in your preferred genre (whatever it may be). Seriously, I put the PS3 up there with the Genesis, Dreamcast and SNES for game library quality. G.E.V. is simply the latest reason to own a PS3, not the only.