Gundam Dream Team

Post who do you think would make a dream team in the Gundam series. It can be a certain pilot in a MS that isn’t originally his but fits him, team of 2 or more characters, or both.

My dream team would be Haman Khan and Rau Le Creuset.

Post your’s and lets talk about eachother dream team.

Setsuna F. Seiei and Heero Yuy. They would be unstoppable both inside and outside a mobile suit.

Garrod Ran and Judau Ashita. Nearly unstoppable in MS and can scavange the parts of the suits they wreck. Win win.

Two similar characters haha. Almost the same, crazy them right here.

Imagine Judau using his newtypery with the Double X Gundam Twin Satelite Cannon

Ultimate Gundam pairing?

Kyoji Kasshu in the Devil Gundam and Kio Asuno the AGE-FX.

Kira Yamato in the Turn A. As much as I hate to say it.

The most haxed pilot in the most haxed suit. I mean he was ‘Jesus’ before but that’d make him God.

Char Aznable and Zechs Marquise. They’ll get along fiiiine.

I think the Turn X is more hax than the Turn A but that’s just me

Dream team = Judau/Gundam ZZ(evolve model) and Amuro Ray/Unicorn Gundam

Shiro Amada in something better than the Ez8 and Graham Aker in God Gundam.

A healthy Master Asia in master gundam and Anavel Gato in the Turn X.

Damn, that’s a crazy combo but why would Gato need Asia if he had the Turn-X? Deathscyhte, I always thought you’d have Duo Maxwell Death Scythe and Hell Lockon Stratos Dynames.

Mu La Flaga and Graham Aker would be my go to team. Mu makes the impossible possible and Graham Aker is badass as Mr. Bushido.

Kira Yamato in the AGE-FX and Master Asia in the King of Hearts, his hidden MS that is stronger than the God and Master Gundams COMBINED…that’s right, to those of you who did not know that, Master Asia purposely weakened himself all throughout G Gundam. Mind Blown.

Well, I didn’t have that in mind. I actually tried to create the strongest team possible not containing all the standard characters (Amuro, Char, Haman etc.)


I see what you mean.

I’d like to see Athrun Zala and Asemu Asuno training with Setsuna F. Seiei and Master Asia for some reason.

I second this. Next in the dream team line would be Graham and Zechs. And last in the line would be Kira and Banagher; crybabies, I know, but hey they are awesome pilots.