Gundam D&D WIP

So, after browsing the net relentlessly, I have found that there is no good system to use Gundams in. So, I’m making my own. Because, why not? Problem is, I have hit a wall in writing the stats. I’m looking for any help that people can offer. I plan to start in the OYW, and move through Gryps, ect. Essentially, if I could at least get the stats for a GM and Zaku I, I can apply appropriate upgrades to later suits. I’m also taking suggestions on skills, feats, ect. My plan is to make the suits just as customizable as a character is (I.E. If you want a GM with dual shoulder cannons like a Guncannon, why not?)

This could be pretty interesting. I played D&D in high school so I’m some what familiar with it. Also, should give you most of the information that you need for the stats.

Intresting, don’t know how I can help, but you might want to check the Gundam Wiki to get actuall stats and see what how you want to convert that to a game statistic. Sounds like a cool project though man.

I have indeed used a lot from the Gundam Wiki. It has been an invaluable asset to this project, and I am glad that I’m not the only one who thought this was a good idea. The bigger problem I’m coming across is number and balance issues. Particularly with close range weaponry. Beam sabers will be powerful, but I don’t want it to become a “Screw ranged weapons, my melee is far superior” But I don’t want them to be useless. Suggestions?

Do you have any D&D books? Like a Players Manual or Characters Handbook? If so then I’d consult them and see how they average damage, armor, speed, agility, everything that has to do with landing a melee blow. If not, and I know this suggestion is expensive, but you might consider buying a book or two. I’m sure they would give great insight on your project.

I’m not to versed with D&D my self, but you might want to implement classes like you see in D&D to find away to ballance long range combat and close (Each class will be able to do one better than the other and maybe get some advantages to useing a cirtain combat style, to make each style about on even footing, don’t know how one might go about this), or maybe make it so each one has it’s pros and cons, such as long range might keep you away from the enemy, but your odds of hiting someone every dice roll go down, where as close range you’ll be in the range of the other suit and can end up geting your self killed if you’re not properly speced.

Also like Thwalker13 said you might want to consult a book or two, maybe even see if there’s a D&D wiki or fourm that might lend a hand.

Keep us updated on what you do this sounds like it could end up being really fun.

You may want to implement a rock paper scissors combat like sdgo. See the Sdgo wiki. And use Mahq for armament info

I created a Gundam-based table top RPG system a few years ago, wonder if I still have it?

Alright, so, here’s what I’ve got for some base classes for MS pilots.

Close range/ Melee fighter:
A Pilot that specializes in Close range combat receives a +2 to his Dodge and hit Bonus’s, as well as does not provoke an attack of Opportunity when firing a close-range weapon in melee combat. However, any target outside of 1500 Meters has a 10% chance of missing, and every 500 Meters beyond that increases that miss percentage by 10%

Mid-range fighter:
A pilot who specializes in Mid-range combat is a staple unit. Able to use both long and close range weaponry, it’s a favored class of people who like to be prepared for anything. A mid-ranged fighter takes a 500 Meter penalty on long range-weaponry, but can carry double the ammunition of a normal MS.

Long-Range fighter:
A long-range fighter excels at destroying enemy MS from a distance. Preferring Sniper Rifles and Cannons, these pilots rarely see the front lines of combat. A long-range specialist deals an extra die of damage to anyone they hit from a distance (e.g. a weapon that would normally deal 2D8 damage would deal 3D8 instead). However, the accuracy of a long-range specialist falls as an opponent approaches. An opponent within 4500 Meters has a 10% to dodge a shot from a long-range specialist. That percentage increases by 10% every 500 meters.

Suggestions/ thoughts?

I do still have it. It’s based off the 3.5 D20 Modern series of RPGs. So if you have the d20 Modern book you can use my system to create a quick game.

They had a Fallout based d20 game, well it was supposed to be Fallout, but due to legal issues they had to change the name to something else, don’t rember what, but that’s not the point, but it was kinda fun.

It seems realitivly balanced at the moment, personally I’d prefer a sniper (mainly because with that topic an all flooting arround it’s fresh in my mind, normally I’d go close) due to the extra damage at range, I like that you made it so they aren’t to good close up, it could really add some team work between players and make people focus on pretty set builds for their MS. So far so good IMO.

I just sent M1ck3y a PM over making this sister subforum to the fan-fic. The mod lounge isn’t active enough for any passed thoughts.

This is the system I was talking about. I made my own Gundam side creator, if anyone wants to look it over PM me. It’s old though, old enough that the newest gundam stuff is from SEED. I haven’t created anything in the 00 universe.

D20 Modern has been a reference book for this project, as well as D20 future. The problem with these systems is beam and melee unbalancing the entire system. I’m not entirely sure as to how to re-balance them without making beam weapons undesirable. I’m thinking for the OYW era, limit how much ammo a beam rifle can carry, and how long a beam saber can remain active. Another option would be to use a locational system (Head, arms, legs and torso have their own HP) and slightly reduce beam damage. There will be later options to reduce beam damage, but at the beginning, they’re rather… overpowered.

Alright! so, the first class has been written, and ready for opinions. based off of the regular Technician from D20 Modern, with a few twists.

Technicians are people who not only pilot mobile suits, but can make repairs to them in the field to last until more permanent repairs can be made. A technician is not, however, an engineer. Any repairs made in the field are temporary, and proper maintenance should be sought out as soon as possible.
Technicians tend to prefer to be long to mid range combatants, so that they can be used as a sort of “field medic” for MS.

Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special
1 +0 +0 +0 +2 Jury-Rig +2
2 +1 +0 +0 +3 Extreme Machine
3 +1 +1 +1 +3 Bonus Feat
4 +2 +1 +1 +4 Salvage +3
5 +2 +1 +1 +4 Mastercraft
6 +3 +2 +2 +5 Bonus Feat
7 +3 +2 +2 +5 Jury-Rig +4
8 +4 +2 +2 +6 Mastercraft
9 +4 +3 +3 +6 Bonus Feat
10 +5 +3 +3 +7 Mastercraft

Class Features
A technician understands what it takes to keep a MS running. However, in the field, a proper repair isn’t always an option. A technician can jury-rig and MS to temporarily move for a short period of time. A jury-rigged MS can function at a maximum of 60%, and cannot use heavy weaponry. It is advised of and jury-rigged MS to return to their base/ ship and seek out proper maintenance immediately.

Extreme Machine:
If it has wires or electrical components, a Technician of 2nd level or higher can get the maximum performance out of it. By spending 1 Action point and making a craft(electronic) or craft(mechanical) check (Whichever is more appropriate) The Technician can temporarily improve a MS’s performance - at the risk of causing the MS to need repairs later. The DC for the craft check depends on the improvement being made, as shown on the table below.

Improvement Craft DC Repair Chance (D%)
Ranged Weapons
+1 Damage 15 1-25
+2 Damage 20 1-50
+3 Damage 25 1-75

+5 ft. to Range Increment 15 1-25
+10 ft. to Range Increment 25 1-50
Electronic Devices
+1 Equipment Bonus 15 1-25
+2 Equipment Bonus 20 1-50
+3 Equipment Bonus 25 1-75
Mobile suits
+1 Initiative 20 1-25
+1 to maneuver 25 1-50
+2 to maneuver 30 1-75

The technician takes 1 hour to complete any of these modifications, and cannot take a 10 or 20 on the craft checks. If the check succeeds, then the modifications will last a 1 minute per level of Technician, beginning when the device starts being used. The Technician selects the improvement he or she is trying to make prior to the crafting check. After the duration of the effect ends, the repair percentile are rolled to see if the device needs to be repaired before continuing it can be used again.

Bonus Feats:
A technician receives bonus feats at 3rd, 6th, and 9th levels. The bonus feat must be selected from the following list, and the technician must meet all of the pre-requisites of the feat.

Salvage +3
A technician can see a lot more potential in broken parts then most people, and as such, can take and repair a lot more MS parts then a normal soldier. A technician receives a +3 to perception checks when searching for salvageable parts, as well as +3 to any craft checks that uses salvage that the technician brought back with them.

When a Technician reaches 5th level, he or she must choose on of the following areas of specialization; Attack, Weapon, or Defense. Once the decision is made, a Technician cannot change his or her area of expertise. When a technician is attempting to craft an item that falls under his or her area of specialization, he or she can choose to pay an additional cost of experience. The XP cost of crafting a Mastercraft item is 25 X Technician level X The bonus provided by the Mastercraft item. If the XP cost would cause the technician to fall below the required XP for his or her current level, then the Technician does not have enough XP for the project. The XP must be paid before the craft check is made, and failure on the craft project does not refund any XP spent in the project. Mastercrafted projects typically take twice as long to create compared to regular projects. When successfully completed, a mastercrafted item offers an additional +1 quality bonus. At 8th level, this bonus increases to +2 on any new projects. At 10th level, this increases to +3 to any new projects. The DC on a mastercrafted project is the regular DC, with the following modifications. +3 DC for a +1 mastercraft bonus, +5 DC for +2 mastercraft bonus, and +10 DC for a +3 mastercraft bonus.

What do you guys think?

Before anyone responds any further, I have something to show you.

This link will take to where you can download pdf files of a d20 supplemental add-on called Mecha Crusade. It should have all the info you need to make a mecha oriented DnD game. For further reading, you try and find the latest version of d20 Future which should have the Mecha Crusade rules and info in it.

Mecha Crusade never impressed me, main reason why I created my own.

Really? I was impressed. In fact, Mecha Crusade was inspired by Gundam.

Thanks for the suggestion, Zeta, but I have to agree with Exia. As it stands, I’m not at all impressed with Mecha Crusade for a Gundam D20. As a mecha campaign, it does have some good ideas, and I do plan to implement certain aspects of it to my system, but overall, I need to change far too much to use that system. Appreciate the link, though. :slight_smile:

Alright, so, after several re-vamps, trail and error stages, multiple sources, and much of my hair being pulled out, I have finally found a start that is showing significant progress. However, I need some Ideas.

  1. Pilot class. It functions much like race. It affects what mobile suits your character would be able to pilot. I have written;

Heavy type
Long-range type
Mid-range type
special equipment specialist

I’m working on a close-range type. Any other suggestions for pilot classes? Should I even add more to start?

  1. Skills. I have written in;

Repair (Automotive)
Repair (Planes)
Repair (Weapons)
Repair (Mobile Suits)
Repair (Electrical)
Hand-to-hand combat (Out of Mobile Suit)
Detect Ambush

I don’t know what else to add, if anything. Maybe a craft check? I don’t know.

  1. Feats. I have nothing on feats right now. It’s actually one of the big worries I have right now, as they can easily cause the game to be unbalanced, or become useless unless the feat is required for advanced classes (Ace, Newtype, ect.). Help?

  2. Mobile suits. Thankfully, not the stats, just which ones I should include. I’m starting at UC, OYW era, but I’m starting to wonder how many suits I’m actually dealing with. The ones I have are;

GM Cannon
GM Type D
GM Striker
GM Command
GM Sniper II
MP Guntank
Guntank II
MP Guncannon
Guncannon ML
Gundam Ez8
RX78-2 Gundam
Zaku I
Zaku II
Zaku Cannon
Zaku II Type S
Z’Gok E
Gouf Custom
Dom Cannon

What do you guys think?