Gundam Crossover.

Didn’t know if this would be considered a game or not so I put it here.

Basically take one non-gundam franchise, and cross it with Gundam, it can be any Gundam Universe you want or it can be all new mechs and such to fit that franchise.

You can post more than one cross OFC.

Mine would be Mass Effect, with a Unique Gundam universe with mechs that suit the various charictars.

Biotics would be allong the lines of Newtypes, the Geth would have massive mechs that they can controll that’d be huge Geths, Shepard’s MS would be customizable with what parts and such you want (like his Armor), Garrus would have a Sniper mech for sure, there’d still be one foot combat, the reapers would have some Reaper-fied mobile suits from the various alien cultures, sleak feminie designs for the Asari, more millitaristic for the Turians, and insanely huge Krogan MAs. Also there’d be MS sized versions of the foot weapons so yes Giant MS sized Widow sniper rifles. (And unlike Most gundam series few particle weapons.

That’s a good one! It’s gunna be hard to follow, but here it goes!

Cross Gundam with Assassin’s Creed. Depending in which one you want, this is subject to change, but I’m going to use Brotherhood as an example.

First off is the easy one. Etzio would get the “Gundam”. I put it in quotations because it’s going to be white, on screen for most of the game, and generally overcome most odds. The Assassins would get a nice mass production, white MS. Their MS design would be sleek and agile, focusing on quick maneuvers. The Templar suits would be large, and focus on defense. They would be more akin to Mobile Armors. I honestly see Tieren’s from 00, but with a more western knight influence.

Nice man. I would cross gundam with tron legacy.

Then instead of fighting with lightbikes and discs they would have to fight with gundams that were black and has blue or white or green or orange lights depending on who you “worshipped” and then you could make the gundam from the light baton which would be pretty cool. And the old ones would be better than the new ones since the old lightbike was faster than the new lightbIke. And repairs and customization would be supr easy since you are in an electronically world.

Tron Gundam? Won’t lie I’d pay to see any MS in black and neon high-lights red or blue. That’s a pretty creative crossover.

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Ok here goes. Gundam and Dragon Ball Z two of the most powerful animes come together man and machine. I guess it would kinda b almost like G-Gundam but more powerful

That’s op.

I dont know the meaning of over powered lol

How about crossing Pokemon with Gundam.

Im not felling the pokemon…HMM what about Sailor moon and gundam

Having seen all the ideas submitted so far, I’ve now thought of something worthy inventing …
How about Super Mario x Gundam? I’d allow Mario (=Gundam) to ride on Yoshi (Guntank), to fly via its extension model called G-Bull (it is G-Bull, isn’t it?) and so on and so on.
(Now I’m waiting for a modder to steal my idea and turn it into reality.)

Zeon’s red comet I’ve been meaning to reply to this thread since it was first made but I want to have an better Idea on what’s going to crossover and what’s it’s going to be like.

If it hasnt been said already, why not a Dead Space Gundam? id like to see a Gundam that had the look of Isaak Clarkes Suit or a Necormorph theme to it lol.

Gundam Dead space sounds kinds cool!

Okay peep this. What if they crossed Dynasty Warriors, and Gundam. Now THAT would be cool.

On a serious note, i’d roll with Gundam vs. The Transformers

Instead of Pokeballs, they’d use Haroballs! LOL

Hmmm… Gundam crossover with Starwars. Cross beam sabers with mobile suits and cross light sabers while on foot.

Newtype Jedi vs Newtype Sith Lord

3 “Gundam Dynasty Warriors” series have already been released and sold. Having played the most recently published, I allow myself to denounce DWG. It … sucks.

Regarding Gundam+Transformers; It doesn’t sound bad - actually well submitted, yet in my opinion, it is confounded too often to have a series originated featuring Gundams + Transformers.

^ I think he was making a sarcastic joke about the DWG games. Honestly I can see some of these cross over’s but at the same time that is why gundam is so diverse because it makes it seem on a level of almost reality and believable but at the same time there is a lot of fantasy involved as well. I always thought it would be funny to see a gundam vs. godzilla battle… Yeah I know silly, but plausible I mean how far fetched is the idea of humanity building a mobile suit to fend off the alien attackers. ( Ok I know some of you may reference robotech or Voltron but lets just ponder the thought.)

yeah i was being sarcastic :lol: but the thought of a Godzilla vs. Gundam battle literally made me laugh so hard and i do not even know why. it actually sounds plausible and it could work!

because Godzirra is awesome lol

Dynasty Warriors with Gundam. Isn’t that basically SD BB Senshi gundam? Like the whole romance of the 3 kingdom story? I might be wrong.