Gundam: Cross Fire/Target in Sight Overview

I decided to do a overview of Gundam Crossfire/Target in Sight. If anyone is interested in faq or walk through let me know I wouldn’t mind writing one up.

Where to start with this game, it catches alot of flack for being buggy and what not, and I will agree, its a sucky game if your not a fan of gundam. This game is for Gundam fans first and foremost. My main impression of this game is that it was rush to the shelves, it felt like there was suppose to be more missions and more to do than there was. Either way I found this game enjoyable as a gundam fan and mech fan. The game takes a lesson from the 8th MS Team logic, the MS in this game move as realistic as you would imagine a 50ft robot would move.

Story: Your a MS test pilot and you get a acess to a series of missions depending on the date, if you miss the mission date, the mission disappears. Not much goes into the store other than a good job everyonce in a while.

Controls: As mentioned thier laggy, but I found that the more experience your pilot gets, the less laggy the controls get, I think this was intented but not mentioned. Other wise they work well once your used to them. Unfortantly this game doesn’t get you a training mission to learn your MS, so you got to learn as you go

Difficulty: This game comes with 4 difficulty settings and I would highly suggest starting on easy because the game developers modeled their difficulty curve after Eve Online. I will say that this game does have missions (mainly on the Zeon side) that will cause major rage quit attacks. I almost had a stroke a couple times about how mad some of the missions have made me

Gameplay: The missions are generally straight forward, either kill everything, destroy a specific target, or defend a target. The enemy AI in the easy and normal mode are pretty dumb, in hard and very hard they can be a bit of a pain to deal with. Same goes for your Ally AI, you get to “buy” partners and partners that fight get experience, the less experience they have the crappier they are, but the higher their specs the better help they will be, although they still have their moments of stupidity. AI experience is broken down into Melee, Ranged, and Reflex, Melee increases their abilty to melee attack while Range does the same but for guns and Reflex deteremines hwo well they dodge, I focus on getting pilots with Reflex first and Range second mainly if they dodge and survive, it will give the enemy another target and range give them a better ability to help take down the enemy. Another cool feature I enjoyed was being able to blow limbs off your enemy, this is the first mech game I can think of that does this this well, if theres one thing they got right with this game is the battle damage. It feels good to win a mission while missing a arm and head

Graphics: They aren’t the best for when they came out but not the worse either, they show battle damage well, I really have no complaints nor anything great to say about it.

Theres two modes to this game, Story mode and VS mode. Unfortantly in VS mode you can’t fight people online, only side by side, also you don’t get access to all the MS untill you unlock them all in the store more.

Your favorite OYW MS are featured in this game and their upgradable. Upgrades are spit into Attack, Weapons, and Defense. Attack strenghtens your attack abilities, Weapons upgrades increases your ammo for each weapon and unlocks new weapons, and Defense makes you MS stronger and also unlocks shields for MS that doen’t come with one. You can also change the type of your MS from normal to heavy, marine, jungle, and desert and the paint scheme will also change accordingly. Normal gives you your best boost and speed, heavy increases you MS attack and defense, marine seems to make your MS move better through water and jungle and desert seems to increase your lock on ability and speed through the apporiate terrain. As I mentioned the MS take battle damage, lossing your head takes away your radar and decreases your lock on range, lossing one of your arms can take away your main weapon or melee weapon, depending on what your hold, luckly your other hand and still use the main weapon or melee weapon if they weren’t in the arm that was blown off, damage to your legs will slow you down and if both legs get destroyed you suit goes down, damage to your torso will affect boost recharge and to much damage kills you.

The EFF and Zeon both have different mission paths, but tend to cross alot. EFF is the side you should choose first because their missions are the easiest. The main reason for this is because the EFF gets access to beam weapons early in the game, I played EFF and didn’t use beam weapons and that seemed to even to playing field, but the Zeon still have to stupid hard missions that will make you rage quit like you’ve never raged quit before.

I enjoyed this game, esspecially after beating it and replaying it and I would highly suggest it to any gundam fan if they can find it for cheap, I bought my copy new for $8. Not the best Gundam game, but I found it enjoyable most of the time but it does feel rush and I get the distinct feeling there was suppose to be more to this game than what ended up being. If anyone wants a break down of the MS and/or walkthough let me know

I have played it, and found it quite enjoyable. Sure there are problems and glitches but considering that a Gundam market is not that big…
it is a shame that in Zeon missions Zaku II is obsolete right from the start.

I own it. I haven’t played it in a long time. But I remember that I have completed every mission on every difficulty, and unlocked every MS. I think my EFF team consists of 3 RX-78s in various colors.

I have a question. How do you play from the cockpit view?

You don’t as far as I know, you fight from third person view and you can switch to first person for sniping

Yeah you cant there is only the third person and sniping which is a bit useless.

If you look in the instruction manual, on one of the pages it shows different. For real kids, I’m not full of poop.

I have the japanese version of the game and in instruction manual there is no cockpit view. there is only the 3rd person and zoomed in snipe view. Maybe you are mistaking that for the other.

I can check mine later tonight and see. I have the english version.