Gundam building for beginners

Hello all, new to gundam building, i was wondering if as a beginner builder, it is possible to build a beginner gundam model kit with only instant glue, i have paint etc, but i know theres several things you can use and or required to build specific gundam, the first model will be a RX-121-1 Gundam TR-1 [Hazel Custom] , any tips or recommendation would greatly be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forums! Most Gundam kits (from the late '80s onward) don’t require glue. I highly recommend a set of nippers for removing the parts from the tree as well as a hobby knife, some files and some sand paper for cleaning nubs off parts. Most Gundam kits don’t require paint or only require minimal painting.

As for glue, I highly recommend Tamiya Extra Thin, in particular the quick setting stuff. It reeks to high heaven, but it works great. It’s good for closing seam lines, fixing the odd broken piece and securing loose parts into place.

If you need tips for anything more specific, feel free to ask.

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thank you for the tips! i do have nippers, i do need to buy some filing equipment, i did not realize that most modern gundam do require instant glue, oddly enough the one you suggested i do have :slight_smile:

Glue can also be used for kits that have joints that are loose (ex. arm won’t stay up/hold weapon up), and the glue helps them grip better. Tweezers for placing decals and Q tips to smooth them on.

The only modern kits I can think of that require glue are the HGUC Yonem Kirks Zaku I Sniper Type, and the P-Bandai HGUC ReBawoo.

What did you have to glue on the Kirk zaku l sniper? I have no issues with mine snapping together.

There are these little buckle things that you have to glue onto the torso.

Yeah I see what Shadows means. There are two harness loops on the top of the chest for the safety straps that Kirks used to hold the suit in place while the Fat Uncle was tilted. Its mentioned you need cement for some steps.

Oh yea, I forgot about those. I feel dumb. Lol. I drilled and pinned them on mine on instead of gluing them in place

one part I find in 80% of cases absolutely needs glue…is the v-fin. some kits have notoriously loose v-fins.

Don’t get suckered into buying premium tools.

Sandpaper, nippers and a hobby knife are pretty much all you need for modern kits. For an older kit, yes, cement is necessary.

There are cheap ways to enjoy this hobby. For example, if you are going to display a kit (and hardly ever touch it) you can use something like blu-tack/sticky tack to hold some loose parts firmly.

You can make your own sanding sticks, find other uses for tools, etc. Get creative.

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