Gundam Build Divers

Coming October is the sequel to the original Divers, Re:Rise.

I have a feeling so complicated about this…

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Looks interesting at least

I loved the original Build Fighters (With the Build Strike Gundam). I have yet to watch Build Divers, but need to get into it for sure!

Reading through the plot synopsis and the character descriptions, it looks like they’re effectively pulling a TRY once again and not being tied down by the previous work. Only this time it’ll hopefully work, considering the original Divers was secretly a cure for insomnia. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I must say the fact that there’s a WaDOM is interesting. Last thing I expected to see in a build series as a main suit. Better not get swapped for something far less interesting at the half way point.

The main Gundam seemed to be based on AGE Gundam, whichever one that might be, AGE 1 Spallow, maybe?

There will be different equipment that it can use. All these can be tell from the kits that they just announced.

^ The “Core Gundam” as it’s called is a revamped RX-78-2.

The “Planet System” is the whole docking with various packs to make the Earthree Gundam, Marsfour Gundam etc etc.

The blue one obviously being Earthree Gundam.

Still think it resembles AGE 1 Spallow,, a little more, at least when looked at the kit first.

In fact, AGE 1 was sort of based on RX-78-2, was it not?

Anyway, what do I know, only saw the AGE like 3 and a half non consecutive episodes, so not even sure what the Gundam in there should look like.

That wasn’t my opinion, just what the official website says. For what it’s worth, I really like it when they deviate heavily from the base design and go crazy.

On the whole, the Gundam designs look good. The only one I’m not keen on is the Gundragon. :frowning:

No no, not trying to argue with you or anything, just saying that when I first saw the Core Gundam, the mind went to AGE that is all.

Gundragon seems to be okay, but what does it transform into? Obviously it does…

new series??

Yes. Coming October.

Really hoping they give us a couple dope builds based on the IBO series. I need new IBO themed kits!!!

I agree completely!

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I know everyone is on about the new Divers series out but i got to say. I just watched the Prologue of the original Divers dubbed…and for once…I’m actually WISHING for a Build Series to make it to the states XD cause the voice work so far is not making me want to cringe hard (Unlike freaking Fighters or Try XD)

I can’t wait for Re:Rise to get here already. Even though Divers wasn’t great I still liked it alot. Fingers crossed Re:Rise is much better!