Gundam: Build Divers - ReRise

I got surprisingly emotional at the climax of this episode. Just goes to show even in a “kid’s show” the acting can really sell the tension and overcoming of obstacles.

I thought the Valkylander looked kinda dumb as a model up until I saw it in the show. After today’s episode I’m a HUGE fan of it and am considering buying one. It would be my first SD kit.

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It’s really strange about core gundam, that ms looks like wore a diapers for the whole time…

Core seems more like its based off AGE-1 Gundam with how those packs seem similar in a way to the Wear System of Gundam AGE-1, even though on Gundam wiki it says that it’s base on the RX-78-2.


I disagree, they should just use Rx78 instead of Core. :persevere:

I like the small details like Kazami’s former team being a reference to Journey to the West. Sheds a lot of light onto his character.

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Pride not letting him learn from his own mistakes with his hero complex.

yeah pretty much

Kazami is a real Tank, a Tank that hardly to kill the enemy.

Tankhead. Thick and dumb. I’m just glad that Re:Rise seems to have legit character development. The original build divers team felt like replicants imitating humans.

He’s a real weak sidekick character in the team. I’ve never seen any Gundam character weak as Kazami.

Yeah, even Yukki from last season seems more capable than Kazami. Poor Justice Knight…

I have a feeling that Kazami’s adoration for Captain Zeon runs deeper than just hero worship. Would not be surprised if they’re related or something…

I was amazed at how strong the Seltsam was, beating back the divers with just shock waves from its lance, and then that blast at the end. The divers are really gonna have to step up their game to stand any chance.

With every episode released I am shocked how good this is in comparison to the first build divers. I need a Seltsam now…

As Gundam X is my favourite Gundam show, it pains me to learn that the “Eldora Daughtress” is a P-Bandai kit. It was so cool in this episode! :sob:

Kasami’s first kill… It feels like newbie proud of playing DOTA video game in first kill.

I hope Core Gundam belongs to the UC…

It looks too much like an age kit. Other than the various RX-78 color schemes, I can’t see any UC vibes in it.

Then it might be a side story in another century.