Gundam: Build Divers - ReRise

He’s just a side kick and not really OP at all. :joy:

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I’m starting to think the baddie of this series is a EL-Diver.


Flashback, Hiroto’s old team is called build divers. May accept the name assign as their guild.

I’d be down for that. They can be furious about not being able to leave GBN since they never made real friends like Sarah did. He was only dragged along because of his abilities as an EL-Diver. So now he’s gonna break the world that he’s trapped in so he can escape.

Then she must be in unconscious such as coma patient trapped in GBNetwork.

That actually makes the most sense, only because they ruled out that the Seltsam isn’t a player in GBN.

The new machine is still nameless.
The upcoming episode will be space battle.
And extra…

May’s El-Diver is coming up. Not sure where’s her Wodom armor…

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That was a real heartfelt episode with some interesting bits of trivia like Hiroto being an ex-Avalon member.

Also scary to see that damage does become real and the group discussing the fact that nobody has “damage out” yet. :fearful:

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Hiroto’s reaction looks different in this episode. This time the story focus between May and Hiroto. Seltsam is also has a deep connection between May…

I am sorry to update early video in your post without permission.

Btw, I can’t wait to see Core Gundam in Space Armor mode!

This clip is kinda strange, their Gunpla are gathering… I am curious in the next episode that are they going meet together in the real world?

I just assumed that they’re gathering in the Orbital Elevator that we saw last episode? :thinking:

I dig how the breather episode felt so important. I really dig how they’re finally getting somewhere with Hiroto. Wonder what’s gonna happen next?

According to the original build divers series, you’re not supposed to be able to be hurt in GBN. So why did his in game damage translate to the real world? Is this Assimilation like we saw with Sekai in Gundam Build Fighters Try?

They will enter the space battle for their last mission to encounter the last boss. The last boss is called Masaki Shido, he’s one of the El-Diver.

Space Armor Type, name is still unidentified.

High Speed Type / Normal Type

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Hunger for the next chapter. Looks like the show is going to be end…:persevere:

Space Armor revealed, Jupiter-V Gundam and Jupiter Armor.

I couldn’t help hearing the words in my head “that’s no moon…that’s a space station!” at the end. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gosh, I wonder how the crew will make it out of this one. Also interesting that it’s called the “Jupiter-V Gundam”… maybe it has a trick up its sleeve related to the V-Gundam? :thinking:

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Some says it looks like Unicorn.

I think it’s V as in the Roman numeral for 5. It doesn’t appear to be a very gimmick laden armor set.

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