Gundam: Build Divers - ReRise

The sequel to last year’s Build Divers is finally here, with the first two episodes unexpectedly dropping on the Gundam Channel’s YouTube page, complete with English Subtitles for those who require it.

After finishing the first two episodes, I’m glad to say that ReRise has gotten off to a MUCH stronger start than the original Divers and I’m much more invested in seeing where this story is going. Hopefully this quality will stick the entire journey. :slight_smile:

What did y’all think?

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I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out, and I’m also looking forward to all the cool custom gunpla.

As I said in a FB group, this is the first thing with “Build” in the title to get me excited, and having seen these two episodes now (thank you) I can say I’m even more so. Rarely does my liking kits and a series coincide outside of the UC timeline.

Haven’t had the chance to sit down & watch it yet.

I loved the original Build Divers even though it wasn’t great, so I’m super happy to hear people say nothing but good things about ReRise the past couple of days.

Looking forward to it!