Gundam Breaker-PS3/PS Vita

Okay so I just heard about this last night and I haven’t seen anyone really talking about it.

So basically here’s the jist.

It’s a game that from I gather plays like a more complex DWG, but here’s the catch: You kit bash a crap load of MS and play in real world locations…AS MODLE SIZED MOBILE SUITS LOLOLOLOL.

Somewhere like the Giant 1:1 RX-78-2 and such is the places you battle.

Honestly I’m pretty hyped it looks to be AC levels of customization with Gundam Suits and parts.

As someone who has allot of creativity and ideas for Mobile suits, and next to no modle skills, or funds to get as many as I like how this seems it’s basically a Gunpla simulatoer where I can take my epic creation and play it in a fight with others later on.

I liked the ideas of this game. Seeing the 00 Raiser with Wing Zero Custom’s wings initiated a lot of hype, and I think this game has a lot of potential. But I also wonder what they’re gonna do with it. Can they have a story mode, or what’s going to really happen?

No clue what’ll happen but there’s allot of potential.

Not to mention allot of Customization possibilities. What a Turn Raiser? Sure make it. Want a Zaku II with twin Buster Rifles, funnels, the 0 Raiser on the back and the ZZ’s Head for a high Mega Cannon? Go for it.

Possibilities seem neigh on endless to me, from minor customization, to full blow Frankenstein stuff.

Personally I hope I can make a Zaku II, with Heavy Arm’s Kai’s Gatling Guns, the MLRS that was an option for the GP02, and Guncannon Cannons. Why? No clue.

Sad thing odds are no English release but good thing for no region protection on PS3 games, so we’ll be able to import. I personally will be geting this ASAP. Even faster than EXVS. which while I’ve played and loved it, still haven’t goten for my self lol.

yes but I don’t ever see this state side release as Gunpla isn’t as popular here and the commercial put alot of Gunpla in it

Gunpla has more popularity here than the video games do, that’s for sure. I just started building models back in late November.
But the game does look pretty amazing. Who knows where they’ll go with it?

I’m not as assured about this game as you are.

For the time being, I’d be wise for all of us to stick to EXVS and G:BO.

This game doesn’t seem to be tempting me - it features a “DWG 3” flair.

I’m playing EXVS when I can, and I have yet to create a Japanese PSN account, but I see a lot of potential in this game. Sure, it might be a long time wait or it might just die.
But look at what we are looking at. The possibilities.
That is what we are super excited for.
Have you never imagined your perfect mobile suit and wanted to see it in action?

They have the BETA version out on the Japanese PSN store today.
Go check it out. I’m watching a video at the current moment. Not quite sure what to think.

I’ll try to get the beta I have bad net.

If it goes bad I will be at a friends next week this time, to use his internet for the NSF:MW (2012) DLC so I’ll try to get it then.

From what I heard it plays like a slightly more complex DWG:3 (which I’m fine with I dumped 140 Hours in 2 and 106 in 3) you have an unlimited number of lives, but everytime you die, you lose a part you earned in that mission. When you’re a distance away from your enemy you go to your ranged weapon, and there are heavy and light attacks as well. Jump and Dash are on one button. (tap to go up hold to boost)

That’s all from posts on GFAQ’s. Apparenly it isn’t hard to get parts, by the end of the first mission, (you start in a GM BTW) a guy had a whole RX-78-2, as well as some Zaku II parts to use. IMO this has more playablity to me than DWG just out of customization factor, I hope the final version has a crap load of suits, includeing some lesser known suits…I’d love the whole Hazle/Woundwort line to be in this.

I’ve been wondering what the heck a Gundam Hazel was.
But I really do look forward to this game. I can’t play it because my lack of experience with japanese, but it is what it is.

Eh knowing Japanese isn’t really needed for any Japanese games I’ve ever played, the important things tend to be in English. There are usually transelation guides for the games online as well. I was put off as well but over this gen I’ve imported two games, Gundam 0081, and Wangan Midnight both of which were easy to get into for the most part. As was EXVS but I’ve only played it at a friends house awhile ago. (I still plan on geting it before the School year is out though, that or wait for the full boost console port…since that’ll likely happen later this year/early 2014 since the Arcade is nearly done with unlocks)

As for me geting the beta, I’ll have it tommorow and will post my personal thoughts. Apparently the customization is pretty in depth from colors on certain parts, to weathering and decals as well.

As for Breaker it seems to be going on sale this june. 27th I belive.

Okay so I got the Beta today, and have played it for about three hours now.

The game is fun, over all it feels like a combo of DWG: 3 and Gundam Senki 0081, which IMO is not a bad thing. Graphics aren’t amazing but are better than both of the aforementioned games, they’re average, and look good enough to me. The only game play complaint I do have is the lock on system where you lock on using the right stick to scroll over enemies, it’s sporadic at best, but isn’t a major turn off.

There are heavy and light attacks with Melee and ranged alike, the Triangle button is heavy and the Square is light, whether you use ranged or melee when attacking is based apron range. You can map up to three EX-Attacks, there are Melle Ranged, and support ones, Support ones heal you, and the others are obvious. I don’t have many ranged ones but Melee ones seem to range from things like ramming into your opponent, to Mid Range Slashes. These are done with L1 (or was it R1? I don’t rember off hand) and either Triangle, Square or Circle.

The Circle on it’s own does one of four things you can map to it (Switch these via the D-Pad you map these, and your EX attacks in the Hangar after Missions where you Customize your suit, the mapping options are in the menu were you mod the suit.) these can be dependant on parts, like Vulcan guns in your head, to small armor repair functions. These also seem to be the only things with ammo in the game, more powerful healing abilities have less over all ammo. (There one heal that does 5000Pts which is quite a bit early on but it can only be used 5 times before death)

The game has decent mission variety at the beginning you run into standard far but latter on, there are Zaku II’s that’ll kick your ass…and don’t get me started on how hellish it is to be surrounded by three Gundam Mk.II’s at once. Most of the ones I’ve played out of the Five (I haven’t played Mission five yet) are go here kill that but there’s at least one defend the objective mission. (Which takes place a Gunpla builder’s desk…also everything but the Heavy arms that spawn, are Char Red it was pretty cool)

Right now, I’m running a weird suit I’ve named the Zephyr. It’s a Dom Torso, and Legs, an RX-78’s head, the Master Gundam’s wings, and a GM Custom’s Arms, with the RX-78’s Beam Rifle. It’s painted white black and yellow. It looks weird but I’m looking to get the best performance so I can beat the mission with the mission with the Mk.II‘s and Black Ninja Zaku. (Call them that because they‘re black) (Before that I had Zaku arms, GM legs on it and it was called the GMaku.)

Sounds pretty cool, I’m liking the way they’ve made this. I can’t get it, considering I have yet to get a Japanese PSN account. But hey, I have time.

Well when the full version comes out it’ll be on disc so you’ll be able to get it without needing a JP/HK PSN.

Definitely fun. There’s a site taking pre-orders for $70 before shipping right now, AmiAmi. Not bad considering with most imports early on you’re looking at $90 plus, one of the main reasons I waited so long on EXVS.

That said when you’re able to get the full version or the beta you should it’s fun. Kind of Challengeing (RG RX-78-2’s are damn scary on the first mission and Master Gundam was intense as well, Heavy Arms isn’t to scary if you can get close, it’s his Mk.II supports that make him hard IMO)

I’ve just tried it out myself.

Man, there are so many controls and such, lol.

But actually, it’s all square, R1 and circle, lol