Gundam Battle operation 2

Idk if i put this in the right category but anyone play this game?

I play it.

Whats your opinion on it

Its a okay game and its fun play. It might be a little challenging for new players to get into because veteranplayerstend to have better MS. Its better than the OG GBO becauseit th at version you could only play 3 matches for free and you had to buy tokens to play. In GBO2, you can play as muchas you want and tokens are used only for the lottery. Speaking of which. My only real issue is I hate the rng of the lottery. I get a lot of repeat items. I also don’t like how most players treat the game as a free for all and they don’t work together or use idiotic strategies like (plant a bomb at the beginning of the match, not paying attention to enemy locationson the map while waitingto respond, or ignoring enemies captur one of our points. The last issue i have is ms stats. Some suits are stronger or weaker than they should be.

I play it. I enjoy it, win or lose.


I have my complaints, but I still enjoy playing the game.

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