Gundam Battle Operation 2

General discussion on the game, be it sharing paint designs, gameplay experiences, impressions, anything relating to the game can be posted.

So does anyone here play the game? I’m curious about it after having watched some people on YouTube play. But wanna get some more opinions on it.

I do what would you like to know?

Its a free to download and play game.

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Cool! So what are all the different modes the game has & how differently/similar do they play compared to each other? Like can I only play online or is there a solo campaign?

Does it feel like the Mobile Suits are varied enough in their gameplay styles to be interesting or are there an abundance of clones?

How much longer do ya think the game will be supported? Cause I’d hate to get into it just to have it stop being relevant a month or so in due to Bandai announcing a new title or just choosing not to update it anymore.

There’s a lot to tell you. It be easier to explain in game.You can download the game for free on the ps store. First off this is a PvP only game that allows you to pilot a mobile suit, run around as a soldier and drive tanks. You can play with friends or random people When you start the game you are given a set number of suits at various cost.

There are 3 types of suits: raid (melee), general all around), support (sniping).

Raids have advantage over supports
Supports have advantage over generals
Generals have advantages over Raids

Example of a these suits are

Gouf is a raid
OG Gundam is a general
Guncannon is a support

You. Can customize the suits colors, decals, parts and weapons, however some suits have fixed weapons where others you can change weapons. take the gouf for example it has the heat rod, finger vulcans and heat sword.

The Gundam has the beam rifle, beam rifle with napalm, hyper bazooka as main weapons, beam saber and hyper hammer as melee weapons and vulcan as sub weapon.

Parts customization improves the suits spec. You can increase things like weapon accuracy, melee damage and speed for example.

You can also customize your pilot.

The game currently has suits starting from 0079-chars counter attack. These suit are from all forms of media, tv, movies, video game, manga, and MSV (concepts art). Im not sure how many suits are in the game at this point. There’s a lot. A lot of them play similar for, but have different abilities. For example and efreet custom and efreet Nache are both raid, but they have different abilities and attacks. That being said mobile suits are rated by cost (100-700). Each game mode has a cost number. You can only us MS that are the same cost and below.

The way you obtain suits, weapons, decals and cloths is through the supply depot. You buy the using tockens (which you earn in game or by with real money.) Token are used from a lottery (called supply drop) that will give you a suit or weapon. Each week there is a weekly suit that you have a chance to win. If you get the same item more than once you get recycle tickets that can be used to buy a suit in the recycled store along with other items. Suits from the lottery can eventually be purchased using DP exchange counter. DP are points are the ingame currently that you earn from playing the game. Keep in mind you can only buy things in the DP exchange that match your rank. Your rank increases and you play.

The game modes are all pvp
You have rated match-this is how you like up your character the fastest.

Quick match‐ in a quick match

Custom match- can host or join cust games here

Free practice- self-explanatory

In these modes you play matches based on the cost of the mobile suits.

You have various game modes you can play.

Basically- its a basic pvp you start in the MS you get out to capture beacons which are used as spawn point for when you die and to call in air strikes. You can also plant a bomb at the enemy base as a pilot.

Ace- in the last 3 minutes of a match the team mate with the highest score is the ace. The ace scores more points for each enemy they kill. Of you aren’t the ace your job is to weaken the enemy and try not to kill them unless you are protecting the ace.

Target shuffle- one play will randomly be selected as the target on each team and it will change every minute.

Brawl- free for all

Simple battle- this is team MS battle with no response time.

Mix up- I don’t remember what this one is since I never play it.

There are several maps in the game. There are ground and space maps (space wasn’t in GBO 1 and as of last week they added the first aquatic map that in 90% under water to the game. There are also a few GBO 1 maps that haven’t been add yet.

As for how much longer will it be around idk. Last month was the 3 year anniversary of the game and it has cross play between PS4 and PS5, plus there’s still a lot of MS that hasn’t been added yet. I would expect it to go on for a couple more years atleast.

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Wow, that’s alot to consider. You did a great job explaining everything too. I feel more confident about giving the game a try. Thanks for everything!

There’s things I’m sure I forgot to mention.

Here’s a pic of the rating matches.

The listed matches change every 2 hours to different maps, MS cost and game type.

I say try it out. Its a fun game once you get used to it.

Ugh, liked the first one, wish it was available for PS3, have to get PS4 just to play it… :expressionless:

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Well it should be easier than getting a PS5. :sweat_smile:

Probably, but according to an article about a month or so ago, saying that last generation consoles, the PS4 and XBox One, were hard to get due to lack of the newer consoles and games on them.

Still, getting a PS4 for few games at this time is not really worth it… :neutral_face:

Here’s the link to the main site for the game


What’s you gamer tag? I had to create a new account after psn canned my previous one over a fraudulent charge. It would be nice to play with people i know.

Oh that sounds cool. But I always like to spend some time on a game on my own before I start playing with others. I just like to learn about everything prior to, ya know? But after playing for a bit I’ll be sure to hit people up here!

Though I did just order Gundam Breaker 3, so that’s gonna eat up some time of mine when it shows up. :sweat_smile:

Anyone else have that problem of not really committing to a game when ya first get it? I’m terrible for always doing that. It’s precisely why I have, no joke, 7 Switch games where I know I played the tutorials & never advanced to the actual plots. :rofl:

Well after you do the tutorial missions in GBO2 you can access practice mode. Where you can choose the map and battle conditions then you choose your MS. One the practice starts you can set the AISuits to passive where they just stand there or to aggressive where they will attack you. Its a great way to get a feel for things.

I only have that issue if it’s a good game and it sucks me in.

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