Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare (mobile)

Who’s playing? Post your build and friend code!


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I am! It’s pretty cool so far.

Friend Code: EU1UNWW1A

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Hope to make some gunpla friends here. Really enjoy the game.


sure wish i could play…Whats with it crashing on Android? you IOS users are so lucky…bummed…

I’m running a samsung galaxy j7 refine…and the game’s crash city when trying to load the tutorial.

same. I’ve got an LG Stylo 4 running Android 8.1…DEFINITELY has good enough specs. idk man, maybe they’ll get on a patch. Knowing Bandai though, it could be months…

I have it downloaded. Haven’t really had the chance to get into it much though.

Running mine on a Galaxy s10. Its been buttery smooth for hours on end. Have you tried playing in “light mode”?

Is there a way to turn light mode on after loading the full version? My phone sucks and I thought maybe it could handle the game without light mode.

eh, it’s a pain…but you’ll have to uninstall and redo it, but pick light. Beware though, i’ve been reading stuff about people getting horrible performance out of light mode…and evidently they aren’t really any different. like, they take the same amount of data and cpu

It’s been an enjoyable experience so far but the game heats the heck out of my S9

Friend Code: E8V5VU0Z9

To switch the game to light mode, do the following steps:
1 - click on the menu at the lower left hand corner (the three horizontal lines)
2 - click on “other” (the cog on the top row)
3 - select “Light Mode” (second column, last row)
4 - push where it says off. It’ll switch to on.

I found this out after I did the uninstall/reinstall routine. Figured this might help other new people.

And I’m running Android 9 on a Moto G6 and the game crashes frequently.

I get the feeling they shouldn’t have released it early.

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I haven’t run into any issues playing on light mode on my S7. Im having lots of fun with the game so far.

Here’s my build, and my code is EB0WKTZZW if anyone is interested

Anybody know how to level up the EX skills? Level up my parts but cant level up the skills.

Hey my dude! I see you with that half Rose build! Nice!

Also. Did they pull it from the store? I can’t find the game??

My friend ID is EV38CB5NC. I haven’t really been able to play much because the game stops working when I try to load the first mission on my Galaxy J7 (so I think I may have to upgrade my phone in the near future) Also, here’s my current build:

This is my current build. Friend code is ETJ7ETCKX

It’s been a fun game for a phone game,

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So the arena went live today. I’m not sure the “vs” mode is actually against real people or their builds driven by ai. They certainly seemed more lively than the usual enemies lol. But it put my near 16000 cp build against 2000 builds lol

light mode, normal mode…both produce the same ‘crash to desktop’ result.