Gundam back on TV O.O

:shock: OO on the Sy-Fy channel

Dude! I am so about to DVR that! I mean, I’ve already seen both seasons, but why not!

Am I the only one who actually buys the DVDs? (on day one in most cases…)

No, I end up buying the 08th MS team DVDs. I just prefer to have everything in a folder on my computer.

Unfortunately there’s no place around here that sells anything Gundam related. We either have to buy off amazon or GSAM.
Better than Amazon.

That place is amazing. Downright, flippin awesome. It has everything I could ever want as far as Gundam DVD’s go. Thank you very much Zeta :smiley:

I think I’m going to need to buy some DVD’s now haha.

Not before Kits though, kits always come first.

Well of course, if anything I’ll just watch them online at any time.

This is true, but we all hate buffering. DVD’s allow us to skip that evil and vile buffer.


Buffering is the vain of the internet’s existence. I still just let it load out before viewing though.

Here’s an idea: buy the DVDs/Blu-Rays.

Yeah, that works too. But when you’re a poor college student the internet can be your best friend sometimes.

I skipped a lot of meals back in college so that I could afford anime. (And ate ramen for a month straight once just to get a new PS1 game.) Consider it a challenge in creativity. :smiley:

This. I just finished my undergraduate work this past May. I was a master at manipulating food money to have spending money for anime, gunpla, and video games.

Seems SyFy hacked up the end of 00 Season 2 :roll:

What else is new? They always clipped off the epilogues for S2, so why wouldn’t they cut part of the finale out to fit it into their timeslot? At least Gundam is on the air. Also I think that Syfy is still a much better home for Gundam on US TV than modern Cartoon Network/Adult Swim.

Yeah, SyFy makes more sense. I was just happy to watch with DVR pause/slow-mo. Picked up on some stuff I missed before.

I am the fan of Gundam…Gundam is my favorite anime ever!