Gundam Artifact kits: How Many Dom Tropens is a Byarlant Custom worth?

I bought a Gundam Artifact Dom Tropen on eBay (Last One, of course), but the seller sent me a Byarlant Custom. So, they have no other Artifact kits. I’m stuck with this Byarlant Custom. I’m willing to trade for however many Dom Tropen kits are equivalent to the market value.

Looks like Galactic Toys has Dom kits available:

I think Drac, was asking about the Dom Tropen Artifact kit, but I could be mistaken.

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You’re correct. As it says in plain language, I paid for the Dom Tropen kit, but got this Gundam Byarlant Custom instead. I’m told that this kit is rather rare on the open market, worth more than the Dom Tropen.

I’m offering to trade this kit for 1 (or more) Dom Tropen Artifact kit(s).

The Byarlant custom is rare? Hmm I wonder if the 3 I saw at my local hobby lobby are still there…

Are you still looking for a dom?

I’m looking for 2 Dom Tropen Artifact kits.

Well I bought 2 the other day, but I plan on keeping one of them. Let me know if you want the other.

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Sure, I’m in. I’ll PM you my info, and await your PayPal address.

I’ll find out and let you know.

I got the Dom Tropen today. Thanks! Were you aware that the ones you bought were a funky clear wine bottle green? It’s almost a shame to paint it.

God dammit, I knew I should’ve opened it. I open the other one I bought and said tonmy self “what are the odds thi would be a clear version”. The clear kits are rare, you shouldn’t paint it. Could you post a pic of it. Tge store i bought it at didn’t believe me that there are clear kits. I have a red Red Rick Dias.

Anyways knew you wanted one so i thought I’d send you one of them when i found them. Merry Christmas buddy

Open yours. If it’s the standard orangey/tan, I’ll trade you, since that’s what I’m after. It’s only fair. You front the shipping, though.

Mine was a standard, I didn’t open the second one because I didn’t want to be one of those people who pull “this one is better, I’ll keep it.” Lol.

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LOL! And now you learned your lesson!

Yea, I’m trying to be a decent person and I should embrace being a dick. Lol

No, you’re looking out for Number 1 first. If you feel very strongly about it, you could always open both and give the other party the choice. Myself, I would have chosen the standard just because I do intend to paint it. But, knowing now that it’s rare, I won’t even build it.

Hon I don’t give a sh!t. I’m just messing with you.

BC is rare? i got one but i think i lost half the parts cause i couldnt figure out how to build it