Gundam Artifact II - V2 Assault Buster Gundam

The target of this build is major on coexistence of detail and degree of difficulty. For the general purpose base unit, please reference to last project of Zaku III

The use of LED is much fewer then my previous work of RG RX-93. But it is the first time I did connecting 9xWS2812 together in series, which is difference and much light effect can achieve, together with the sound effect, many amazing effect can be shown.

• Head Unit : 5 x 0201 White LED
• Body : 7 x 0402 White LED
• Weapon : 13 x WS2812 LED
• Wing : 14 x WS2812 LED

The head unit is mainly made by 0201 package white LED, whereas the Vulcan Gun is using fibre optic since it is really small in size. There are two version head unit has been built. The first version was failed due to the eye LED was accidentally burned. The only way is to rebuild because it is the major part of overall model. Face is rebuild by aluminium sheet, outlook still acceptable. However, the final version still lost for the red eye feature…

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Nice work.

Thank you very much