Gundam Altron Ver Ka and Deathscythe Hell Ver Ka EW Frozen Teardrop

Found this on Gundam Kit Collection blog.

They added the TV version Wings and the Beam Canon at the back of the Altron ver Ka.

Also another added design to the Deathscythe Hell ver Ka is that they added two Buster Sheild of the Deathscythe ver Ka on both side skirt.

Here is the link. Wish they make MG of both of them.

I would buy that in a heartbeat!!!

I’m just waiting for Bandai to release them.

Well Deathscythe Hell came out in 2011, so…soon?

They can keep em’

I really love that new Altron design. It’s like it’s a perfect blend of the Endless Waltz version and the TV version. the Deathscythe Hell, while the overall design is the same (which I like) new weapons like the the twin Buster Shields and the Twin Beam Scythe make it look like an upgrade to the Endless Waltz version of the Gundam Deathscythe.