Gundam AGE WARNING SPOILERS! has a legal simulcast available. . .

… if you’re from Australia or Southeast Asia. The rest of us are SOL. Way to go, Bandai… :mad:

Bandai Entertainment has a new license announcement coming up, perhaps it will be AGE.

Could you please explain to me what you just said.

People living in Australia and Southeast Asia can legally watch Gundam Age subbed, as it’s released, on’s site. People living elsewhere (such as North America or Europe) are legally (and technically) prohibited from watching the same streams. Bandai dropped the ball (again).

AW…(Now begins to fume in sheer anger…starts to show going into hyper mode) your right, Bandai dropped the ball again.

I can’t wait to see the first episode of AGE.

Youtube’s rrobbert184/ said the first epsisode wasn’t too bad; it was not as good as 00’s first episode though, according to him.

Edit: I’ve also read that it’s fairly generic Gundam (as in UC/CE mold) thus far. Apparently the UE even killed their own downed units in order to conceal evidence.

sweet. now lets see how long it lasts before somthing goes horribly wrong

Yeah it wasn’t too bad. Flit’s gonna have to take a while to grow on me though. You can definitely tell this is targeted at a younger audience due to some of the content. Fond of the OP though.

I’ve heard mixed reviews, I’m still not sold on the Mech or the horrendous character designs, and to hear that it’s trying to clone U.C. (I’m a U.C fan boy and I want to break the mold here, I mean even U.C works started to break the mold) it just sounds like it’s shaping up to be meh. I doubt’s it will top 00. (My fav non U.C work)

I guess that’s why I stopped my fan fic, because it started out to much like the norm U.C, well sorta, it was U.C but at the same time I want to break the mold. (Which is why I’m putting my current fan fic on the back burner, and starting a posy-apocalyptic themed Gundam work)

Still I’ll hold my full prejudice until I see it for my self, but I’m a skeptic on this one.

on the breaking the mold idea, i agree with you ZRC, AGE looks way too much like UC in some feilds, and its a bummer you stopped wrkin on your fic. im still wrkin on mine and anyone who has seen it can see ive kinda sorta broke the mold in certain ways. but when it comes to AGE im not buying it, i like the twist that the Gundam will be passed down from one generation to another (if thats the case) but with everything else and the awful character designs (i know its aimed at kids but for crying out loud they coulda done better) again im not buyin it.

Yeah I 100% Agree with you kenyon.

Yeah I haven’t gaven up on it fully, I’m just puting on the back burner for now, with school and all. Not only that I had a better idea not to long after I started writeing the one I’ve posted on here, so I want to go with that.

put school first man, i know it sounds clicheic but its true these days without an education its gonna be a pain in the ass to get employment anywhere, and unless your like me whose takin college online and have tremendous amount of freetime yeah put school before Gundam (and believe me Gundam Fans that was really painful to say that) and put the Fan Fics on the back seat. as for your newest work, im lookin forward to readin that and updates on your present one.

On topic: Yeah and i think SOME, not ALL will agree with us that the Character Designs are a little too Childish, even for kids. the MEcha are granted a throwback to OO but they are clever in certain fields, and i like some of the ship designs, though they could still need some wrk. I just hope they will refine the story as it progresses.

I am puting school first (Ik I worded it weird) but yeah I meant that’s why I’m puting it on the back burner lol.

I’ll be honest, I don’t mind the character designs so much. I’ve certainly seen far worse. But the mech designs are really starting to grow on me. I can’t wait to see the first episode myself, but even if it is just a re-done, watered down UC, I welcome it. It allows kids to get into gundam and when they grow older, they can look back on the original MSG and they’ll see the parallels and have a better appreciation for it then someone who just jumps into old MSG. So yeah, I appreciate that Sunrise is making it for kids, and of course I’m going to watch it all the way because I want to see AGE-3 in action.

The character designs really are quite terrible; thankfully the mecha designs aren’t.

I’m not to fond of the mech designs my self (so far that is), just looks like Reashed 00 stuff and the AGE looks like 0 Gundam 2.0. Though AGE-2 and 3 look decent.

I don’t know if I’m looking at this too skepticaly or what but I’m just turned off from AGE, I’ll have to wait to see what the fourms say as a whole.

I have to agree with GNZaku here. I haven’t seen the first episode yet, but I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the whole “Gundam meets Astroboy” animation style. I’m gonna give it a chance though, only to see AGE-3 in action later on. Even if I have to muscle my way through it like I did with War in the Pocket, I’ll finish it.

Just finished the first episode and overall I gotta say it ain’t bad. Kiddish, yes but I’ve seen worse

Oh noes! Why are everyone in love with AGE-3??

Oh well. I really love the look of the Age-3. I’m hoping for a MG actually.

I didn’t say the mecha designs were awesome, just that they aren’t terrible like the character designs are. Personally, I wish AGE had Okawara (or at least Katoki) as its chief mechanical designer.

I know you didn’t say they were awesome I’m just throwing my two cents in there, Yeah they are light-years ahead of the character designs though. And if Okawara or Katoki where in charge it would be better.

Still AGE-2 and 3 aren’t half bad, but AGE-1 looks like it’s trying to hard to be RX-78-2 and 0 Gundam, I mean 0 while being designed to look exactly like the Rx-78 it was just an easter egg, but this is the main suit…that’s what irks me about it. (Then again when you look at it 2 and 3 look like Z and ZZ…)