Gundam 35th Anniversary New Gundam Series In 2014 - Gundam Reconguista in G

Jesus H Christ. I’d declare myself a die hard Katoki fanboy before I say that design looks nice. Why the fuck Bandai gotta fuck with an over all design that doesn’t need fucking with!

But at least it ain’t a mustache.

Lighten up, Francis.

S*** didn’t notic there was a topic, oh well the one I made can be earmarked for the discussion topic that’d have been inevitably made in the Universe section.

Anyway what I think about G so far:

Only reason I have half a mind to try it out is because of Tomino…but that depends on what Tomino we get, if we get 0079/Z/CCA/Hathaway’s Flash Tomino, F*** yeah then.

Anyways Origin…well I’m positively giddy with excitement for that. Wonder if they’ll have a new Version of Gallant Char on the OST?

Oh and HD Ramba Ral fight…just throwing that out there.

Firstly, if you are referring to the battle between Amuro and Ramba, I may regret to tell you this, but you won’t happen to see anything like that anywhere soon. The Origin as announced earlier today (or yesterday, depending on where you reside) mainly focuses on ZRCs past. It consists of 4 “parts” which auspicates we’ll are certain to see the same releasing policy as witnessed with Unicorn.

As for G Reconquista, I am quite baffled to have seen it be a Gundam show. To that moment, I’d thought of it not to be a Gundam show.
[Can’t get worse than GBF, tho]
I like the design of the Reconquista Gundam (seemingly named “reconquista”) for it seems to me to be a mix between SEED and AGE designs.

What I am most excited about tho is Unicorn EP 7.

I know it won’t be for awhile.

But I’m still positively giddy with excitement.

The Origin is really exciting. Maybe we will get a Origin ver MG Zaku. Hehehehehehe

I don’t know. The Origin OVA will be set in a time where Char and Sayla are still just kids. Zaku’s might not have even been developed yet. I certainly hope so, though.

Aww im sad now.

Even if they adapt only the prequel chapters of The Origin, we could see not only see Zeon Zum Deikun (and his death), but also Char and Garma’s Zeon academy days, the Battle of Loum, General Revil’s “Zeon is Exhausted” speech, and the signing of the Antarctic Treaty. That’s what I hope for.

Origin looks pretty epic.

And robots!

Pretty sure that’s just the first ep, that’ll cover the prequel stuff the rest will most likely be the War. I mean the promo image showed the RX-78-02 after all.

Since it’s only four episodes I’m sure they’ll be two or so hours each which would be able to cover the prequel stuff more than adequetly. More movies than OVA’s.

This is exactly the stuff im wanting to see. Im stoked about this coming out.

Seems pretty nice! Lets hope for the best!

Gundam no reconquista

What do you think of this one now, looking at it from another angle?

It’s definitely not as bad as before. Bandai should have included better angles of the suit in the trailer to begin with. Isn’t that picture fan art, though?

It’s looking much better now. I still feel that the horns should had been pointed backwards.

Reminds me of the ELS qant alot…

Yeah it is Fan Art, so proportions and such may be off, but if it ends up looking like that, it’s not as bad.