Gundam 0079 Remastered?

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I do want to ask briefly, whether 0079 has ever been remastered and obtained newer animations enabling the viewing to watch it without acquiring “eye cancer”.

That’s it already. (Hardly/Seldom do I compose and submit such shortened posts.)

Looking forward to you responding to this, I’m making preperations to sleep.

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I have no idea what “eye cancer” is, but 0079 is perfectly watchable as it is…

I’m watching through it right now and was expecting it to be a chore. That is not the case at all. There is still a wealth of things to love about the animation itself, especially compared to anime that had come not long before (Speed Racer and such), not to mention the gravity of the story and characters.

It’s a phenomenal series whether or not it ever gets remastered (or even remade–>MSG: The Origin)…

imagine this… people complain about the quality of animation from something that is 30+ years old. On the flip side, should they remake movies that had the same impact on people because there has been advancements in cinematography? Gone with the Wind? Apocalypse Now? The Godfather I/II? Taxi Driver? Raging Bull? Seven Samurai? Yojimbo? Samurai I/II/III? No, they shouldn’t. These movies, along with animation, are considered art to more people than the people that would like to remake them. I for one would be very unhappy with changing the starting place of the stories, art wise. It would cheapening the effect of being able to watch the evolution of animation, all contained in the same universe. Which in my mind, Gundam has always been very good at conveying these transitions, without being to in your face about it G-Gundam not included

and if you are watching the series strictly for the animation, then you are missing the real point of the series to begin with. :slight_smile:

You’ve got it all wrong. I was just inquiring, having watched that twice myself.
lolz :smiley:

(It still looks better on mobile phones not displaying everything enitrely.)

EDIT : Having viewed this ( ), I began wondering about it being available in English as well.

so please expound on the original post then? you said yourself, that it was shorter than your typical posts. so i think that you might have left something out of there. It seemed as you were inferring that MSG was giving you eye cancer, and not giving any explanation as to what you were referring to.

Honestly, if looks like something from a video game. however if they do a remaster i hope its with this kind of animation or at least with UTD animation like AGE.

Having watched 0079 many times, I intended to re-watch it again. However, as I recalled it possessing the mentioned “type” of animation, I was eager to acquire a remastered version of it.
I had remarked a Blu-Ray version of Zeta justifying asking whether there had been any BluRay/ DVD version of 0079 produced and published by Sunrise.
That’s it (perhaps i shouldn’t have used the word “eye cancer”)

Well the Origion is supposed to be animated so yeah 0079 will be in up to date amazing looking greatness with some minor changes and some better fleshing out.

It would be cool if they remastered and cleaned it up made it for blu ray or something. But Gundam 0079 its a classic the way it is , I kinda like comparing the different Gundam shows and seeing the progression that this series has made from the late 1970’s . For the technology they had back then I think they did a good job of working with they had.

Remastered, redrawn, reanimated, remade… It’s cool for me. It’s like Metal Gear Solid for Playstation and Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes for Game Cube. TTS was not made to replace the classic MGS. That’s how I feel if a remaster of 0079 will be done.

The only thing that comes close to a remastered version are the movie compilations. They have added and newer animation. And yes, Gundam: The Origin is supposed to e animated, but will it be an OVA, a series, movies? Who knows!?

I’m hoping for a full series. The manga reads like a cross between vanilla 0079, the novels, and AWESOME. Plus, it’s pretty darned long–over 4500 pages all told. I’d rather not see it shortchanged, or the releases spread out over 4-5 years…

Yeah, it’s funny, I don’t want them touching or changing 0079, but I’m dying to see The Origin animated…

Cognitive dissonance? :-/

Nah, not really. Not wanting them to hack up 0079 can totally coexist with wanting to see another take on the OYW animated alongside it.

Besides, what I’ve read of The Origin has been really good. :slight_smile:

Id love to see the clasic get completly re done but its a gamble its an easy thing to screw up we hold them to a very high standard its almost unfair

Well, Gundam: The Origin is getting an animated adaptation. Most likely it is going to be a TV series.

Hopefully,because while Unicorn is good the waiting time is just too long

I’m going through a gundam renaissance as of late. Getting models, damashii figures. Talking about gundam, reigniting my hatred for the 00 movie.
I’m rewatching Gundam 0079 and I’m on ep 11 I think.

I have been meaning to watch it again. Other stuff keeps distracting me.

So, the answer is no. They haven’t made a newer, graphic version.