Gundam 00: Awakening of the Trailblazer. How much did you hate it?

You seem to want it to be a kill-em-all series, which is completely against the whole implied idea.

Ever since the beginning, 00 was always about achieving peace through war while still refraining from killing as much as possible. That explains why he didn’t slaughter the ELS.

Sounds like this series and the movie just isn’t for you. This isn’t Victory where killing and dying is the name of the game.

No, the series is just fine. Peace between humans is fine and dandy, it’s just this peace through understanding even after all the damage the ELS bastards caused is what really grinds my gears. And then Setsuna goes away for like 50 years without so much as a see you later to all of his friends. Douche move, man. And then he comes back, looking like a cross between the Silver Surfer and Edward fucking Cullen!

I hadn’t seen Trailblazer yet but… what would happen if they continue the 00 series further with Aliens and further elaboration of events, would that be a bad thing?


While I do wish the AD would have become a new UC but it cant be done. The mobile suits were already overpowered in the first season and by second season they got way too powerful. So the only way for them to conclude the story in any meanigful way would have been something like an uber-enemy like ELS and the ultimate “peace”. Shame but true. A very good series but they spelled their own end.

Ahh, I think I’m understanding you now. You’re saying that perhaps it would have been better if, despite all their work with creating a peace through a carefully-orchestrated conflict (which is around the end of season two), it would end up backfiring on them and things eventually spiral off to a point where a true all-out war is the only solution left to saving humanity?

And the same situation will apply with the ELS, except instead of trying their best to make sure communication is established, they just throw that away and focus on destroying a menace that seems to have no purpose other than to kill.

That’s the formula that’s been used for a long time. Still not broken. Watchmen ending. Unite all people of Earth in order to fight a common foe. If humanity finds a way to help the aliens? So be it. As long as they get their asses back on home, without leaving a silly looking giant space flower and taking one of the main characters with them and turning him into… whatever the hell Setsuna was at the end.

Hmmm, I can understand your disgust with the movie then.

I still like the movie, but I see where you’re coming from.

Also, obviously not a troll, haha.

Yeah, me too. Lockon Stratos showed us how to beam spam properly.

You hate this movie because it finished the series in a reasonable way?

After all the damage the ELS did? Dude, they literally had no chance of winning that fight. So let’s see here… make peace or die? You choose. And it’s not like Setsuna wanted to leave everyone there in the earth sphere without saying goodbye, he had to go to their home planet to make peace asap. And why he’s silver is bc he had to connect with the planet itself for a true understanding, he still looks like setsuna except with silver hair and skin tone. No vampires included.

I think he just preferred if things went in a more chaotic and brutally human way, that’s all. As for Setsuna, I got a feeling he preferred if the guy left a more personal good-bye to his comrades, considering he had uber mind powers and how long he’s been with CB. Also, it is a bit odd why he was all metallic upon his return. ELS can change colors to match the original form. Why not change it up a bit so he looks half and half at least? That’s what I’m thinking he’s griping about.

I also always regretted that he never got together with Feldt. it just seemed to fit like a glove, Quiet inside man like Setsuna and Feldt. Ahh that would have been a sight to see.

NOTHING ABOUT THAT MOVIE WAS REASONABLE! And to doubt the capabilities of the human race backing up the Quan-T… shame on you.

The ELS can make colors? I haven’t seen much evidence of this in the movie… can you throw me some examples?

Leesa Kujo and Mannequin literally both said that the earth was muffed. No chance of winning. I personally would like to believe that they could have won; however it was impossible.

No chance? Veda itself said the Quan-T could have wiped out the whole ELS fleet. And I know about the whole fatigue thing, but quite frankly, Setsuna could have done it. He’s an animu character evolving into another whole species pretty much. He could have done it, and hell, he was in the friggin ELS homeworld, wasn’t he? He could wrecked their shit from the inside out!

The ELS version of the GN-X has colors instead of being monochrome silver. Same goes for the Ribbons zombie that Setsuna killed. That thing didn’t look like a metallic Ribbons and if it wasn’t a complete ELS creation, the fact that it’s a hybrid with colors means Setsuna should have been able to do the same thing.

Also, their space flower has color.

When did Veda say that? The Quant-A wasn’t a fighting mobile suit per say, it could defend itself, but I would hardly call it a fighting mobile suit. The said in the movie it was designed to bring a end to fighting through understanding through the use of the trans-am burst to exchange thoughts. I would like to know where you get this information, I don’t remember seeing it in the movie or in any of the novels and Gundam Wiki is like regular wiki, great information mixed with BS.

This is probably what he’s talking about, the 0 Qan(T) Full Saber. But the Qan(T)s MG apparently has some story to back up what he says.

Being Celestial Being’s most advanced MS to date, the 00 Qan[T] is so powerful that it could possibly have eliminated the entire ELS attack force single-handedly had Setsuna chosen not to communicate with them.[4]

Quoted from the Qan(T) gundam wiki. The [4] note says something about the MG.